10 Items to Have Always on Hand When Out with Children

Written in collaboration with Emily Jones

Being a mum and going out, even for day trips, requires special attention and always having a few essential items on hand. I thought my handbag carried a lot before being a mum, but now I have gotten even more intentional about what I bring and how much I bring with me!

I thought I’d share here some essential items to have but before that, however, it is important to consider the bag you will be carrying all of these things in. Mum’s should not have to compromise on style but should opt for something on the larger practical side, such as a tote! These bags are large, practical and can hold a lot of things, without giving up on style. There are so many brands to choose from but my advice is to invest in something that is good quality and will stand the test of time- and children! Among the many options available online, a great site to buy leather goods from is Mirta that sells handmade tote bags by local Italian artisans. Once you have your go-to bag, it’s time to get your essential items together! 

Here are 10 items to always have ‘just in case’ when out with kids, no matter their age:

First aid kit / medicine

A first aid kit and medicine particular to your child’s needs is always good to have on hand. It’s one of those items that yes, takes up some space, but you when you need it, you’ll be really appreciative that you have it. 

Antibacterial gel / wipes

It’s no secret that little ones can get into messes! Before eating or just for a quick cleanup, an antibacterial gel (or wipes) is essential. Wipes can also come into handy when wiping down handles and seats on grocery carts, etc. 

Snacks and drinks

Hungry kids generally are grumpy or soon to be grumpy kids, so snacks and water are always a must! A piece of fruit, nuts, or little peanut snack sandwiches are great snacks to go. 

Games / coloring book + crayons

Entertainment is key with kids, so pack some games or a coloring book and crayons that they can use while out. This can make all the difference when you are out and need to take care of something, and you need your kids to stay calm and entertained for a bit. It is also fun to break out a game or some coloring that you can do together while you’re out and have some free time for quality time! 

Sweater or scarf (if it gets chilly) / raincoat

An extra layer is a must for while out and about because even if you are just going into a store with your kids, it can get chilly! Depending on where you live and the season, a packable raincoat is also great to have for when you are in a pinch. 

Sun protection

When you are out with your kids, sun protection is important for everyone. Bring a small child-friendly sunscreen that you can reapply with for your kids, especially on those days at the park, at the beach, or any outside activity days! 

Do any of you fellow mums have any other things we should add to the list? 


10 Items to Have Always on Hand When Out with Children

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