10 must-haves for a holiday in the sun

10 must-haves for a holiday in the sun

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In a couple of weeks, I’m heading off to Turkey for a week in the sun with my best friend. It’s been years since I’ve been on a holiday like this and honestly, I feel like I’ve forgotten how to pack. Here’s a list of my essentials for a holiday in the sun!

1. All of the suncream!

Sun cream is definitely one of the most important things you can take with you on a holiday in the sun. Protecting your skin is a must and there’s nothing worse than getting sunburned and being uncomfortable. Be sure to take suncream with a factor high enough for you and your family, with special children’s products if you need them. Don’t forget aftersun, a specific cream for your face if you need it and a lip balm with SPF!

2. Great swimwear

As a plus-size woman, I’ve often found it really hard to find swimwear that I’m happy with. In the past, the choice available has been quite limited and usually not very nice. That’s changed now though and luckily, the market has so much more available.

Tankinis are a great option for sun holidays, with Lands’ End offering some great mix and match pieces. The great thing about tankinis, is that you can get something perfect for you. That might be board shorts and a vest, bikini pants, swimming skirts or a mixture of them all.

3. Sunglasses

There’s nothing worse than being blinded by the sun when you’re away in a hot country. It’s so important to protect your eyes. If you’re travelling with children then be sure to get some baby sunglasses, or sunglasses for children as well. Get yourself a good pair of sunglasses and you’ll definitely be able to enjoy your holiday better.

4. Quick drying towels

Now that your towel is in place, you aren’t going to want to sit on it when it’s wet and soggy. While regular beach towels are great, they can take some time to dry out, even in the sun. You can now get quick-drying towels that are ideal for this type of holiday. If you’re in and out of the pool to cool down then these are perfect!

White and yellow striped beach towel rolled up on a sun lounger

5. Handheld fan

As a plus-size woman, I get hot quickly! One of the best things I’ve bought over the past few years is a handheld fan. They’re quite powerful and have various different settings. Some come with handles that can be bent so you can use it on a desk etc. You can also get handheld fans that are chargeable, like phones, so there’s no need to worry about batteries. Mine fits in my handbag and is great for helping to cool me down when I get too hot.

6. Stock up your Kindle

Usually, on a family holiday, we’re busy quite a lot of the time but a beach or pool holiday is different. If you find yourself with time to laze around on a sun lounger, relaxing by the pool, you might want something to do while you’re there. Reading is a great thing to do on holiday but physical books can really put a dent in your luggage allowance. Stock up your Kindle with e-books before you travel. Not only are they usually cheaper but a Kindle hardly weighs anything.

7. Comfortable pyjamas

If you’re going somewhere really hot then it’s quite likely that your hotel be well equipped with air-con! However, even with this, it can be difficult to sleep in the heat. I really struggle when it’s too hot and when you don’t get enough sleep, it can make you miserable. Finding the right pyjamas is a must for me. I like to wear soft, loose fitting bottoms with a vest top so I can be a mix of both covered up and cool at the same time.

8. Travel money/ bank card

Gone are the days when you went to the Post Office and had all of your holiday money changed into the local currency. Nowadays, many places prefer cashless payments and that can make things tricky. Many bank accounts will charge you a fee for using your card abroad but this doesn’t have to be the case. Some online accounts, such as Starling, offer withdrawals as well as card purchases without fees. The exchange rate will be that on the day of the purchase and you can keep track of what you’re spending easily on the app.

Passports, phone, travel cards and tickets on a map background

9. Ear plugs

After a terrible experience Glamping in 2022, ear plugs are an absolute must for me, no matter where I go. In some resorts, the evening entertainment can go on quite late and if you can hear it, that can affect your sleep. You might also have someone who snores in your room, be next to an elevator or have neighbours who close doors really loudly! Ear plugs are relatively cheap and can make a huge difference to your holiday.

10. First-aid kit

There’s not much worse than going on holiday and having to deal with some kind of medical issue. Of course, there’s insurance for bigger medical problems but what about headaches, small cuts, or stomach issues? Be sure to take a well-stocked first-aid kit with you, including things like regular painkillers, plasters and something like Dioralyte!

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