10 Trending Wooden Bed Frames For 2024

AD | Collaborative post You just can’t beat a wooden bed frames timelessness and character, with that warm, organic material being a pleasure in any space. Metal bed frames can feel cold in comparison, and upholstery is nowhere near as durable – they’re still great options, but wood has a natural appeal, especially with a stain instead of paint or a crisp colour that adds a touch of class. 2024 is all about dual-tone wooden bed frames, low profiles, interesting headboards, and useful storage to maximise floor space. Plain wooden bed frames remain popular for

The Simba Hybrid Mattress – Is it any good for kids?

AD | Gifted product It’s so important that children get a good night’s sleep. One thing that can really help with that is bedroom furniture, especially the bed and mattress. Erin has needed a new mattress for some time now and we recently upgraded to a Simba Hybrid Mattress. Read on to determine whether they’re a good choice for children. 

Designing A Shared Kids’ Bedroom: Top Tips

Collaborative post Designing a shared kids’ bedroom is enjoyable and challenging. Balancing the needs and preferences of two or more children while creating a harmonious and functional space requires careful planning and creativity. This article looks at some top tips to help you to design a shared kids’ bedroom that fosters a sense of individuality, encourages collaboration, and ensures a peaceful environment for rest and play.