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3 Reasons You Should Have A Bali Wedding During the Low Season

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In Bali, the months between October and March are considered a low season in terms of activity. Most people shy away from visiting this magical place during these months mainly because these are considered to be wet months. However, if you are planning a wedding in Bali, going against the grain might actually be the best thing that you can do. The following are the reasons why these months are extremely advantageous for those who are bold enough to try something new.

Everything is affordable during the low season

It is simply a matter of demand and supply. During the high season, more people pour into Bali simply because it is a top tourist destination. The downside to this is the fact that everything is on high demand and so suppliers tend to hike their prices. Owners of venues tend to charge more because they are sure that there will always be someone willing to pay their asking price. And they also tend to be more demanding by asking for commitments like guaranteeing that you will hire the venue for a minimum number of days.

During the low season, service providers and hosts of events tend to be more accommodating. Since the number of people vising during these months is lower, they tend to provide discounts and other attractive offers that are bound to make your life easier. Therefore, if you want to have a dream wedding without necessarily burning through all your savings, taking advantage of the slump on activity is definitely advisable.

It rarely rains for more than two hours

What most people shy away from during the low season is the rain. However, the fact is that even the months with the heaviest downpours have sunny days. In fact, it rarely rains for more than a few hours. Therefore, the thing that keeps most people worry most about poses minimal risk. What this means is that you can still have the perfect wedding at a low cost.

Furthermore, even if it rains, you can still plan around it. Most places offer indoor venues, and since they are usually flexible during this period, you can have the indoor venue as a  plan B. Including equipment and items like umbrellas as part of your wedding decor can also make your wedding unique. As a result, creating a perfect wedding is still possible even if the worst-case scenario comes to pass.

You will avoid the inconvenience of overcrowding

Bali deserves its spot as one of the world’s leading tourist destinations. It has beautiful beaches, incredibly diverse wildlife, great resorts and villas, and awesome weather. The only downside to this is that there is always a risk of overcrowding, especially when it comes to the most popular spots in the area. As far as your wedding is concerned, you may have to get on a waiting list especially if you are planning to book a popular venue during the peak season. Getting ample accommodation for your guests may also be a challenge.

However, if you decide to have your wedding during the off-peak season, these are problems that you will not have to struggle with. You can easily book the most coveted wedding spots with ease. And if you love nature or the peace and quiet of an empty beach, you will get to enjoy them during these seasons. Furthermore, if your guests would love to have an adventure of their own and explore Bali, they can do so affordably.

Therefore, if you want to have a great wedding experience in Bali, considering the off-peak months is definitely something you should consider. Given the fact that you can plan around the weather, there is really no reason not to take advantage of the affordable beautiful scenery and activities that Bali provides during this period. Going against the grain might just be the secret to having the wedding that you have always dreamt of and, therefore, it is worth taking the leap.


3 Reasons You Should Have A Bali Wedding During the Low Season

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