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10 TV Series That Are Worth Rewatching

Erin has always been one to go to bed early and at 4.5 that hasn’t changed. Generally on any day, and especially after nursery, she will go to bed at around 6:30pm. That leaves me with a lot of time in the evening and I spend a fair amount of it sat on the couch working but I watch TV at the same time. It got me to thinking about some of the series I have watched over the years and the ones that I would love to (and have) rewatch.

Dawson’s Creek

Growing up I think I was very lucky that I had such a great choice of teen shows to watch. However, the first one I really remember being hooked on was Dawson’s Creek. The whole Joey, Dawson and Pacey love triangle kept me watching on Sundays and the end of the whole series, well, if you haven’t seen it, nothing will prepare you. John and I actually watched this together a few years ago but I could easily do it again.

One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill is another teen show that I grew up with and actually, as I sit writing this post, I’m nearing the end of a rewatch. It has been YEARS since I last watched this and I forgot just how exciting it is. There is the obvious love triangle in the beginning but with this one you get to see much beloved characters grow up and how their lives are as adults, which I think makes it something you can relate to for a really long time.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy has got to be an all time favourite for me. It’s something both me and my husband love and we have the boxset on DVD, although we have never actually sat and watched it all together. I was originally a fan of the film, which is nothing like the TV series really, but since it was on I have become a big fan of creator Joss Whedon. Instead of the ‘pretty blonde’ who usually gets killed in things like this, especially horror films, this main character is strong, powerful and kills vampires while she’s trying to finish high school! What’s not to love!


Lost was one of those shows that had a lot of hype when it first came out, and quite a controversial ending. I’ll be honest, I watched Lost when it was originally aired and I was probably as confused sometimes as everyone else. But, I remember Lost being so different, full of a great cast, and an absolutely bonkers plot. I know that a rewactch would mean picking up on things that you didn’t notice the first time around, remembering some of the ‘oh my god’ moments. Maybe this time around you will see the ending differently too.


American teen shows are great but they really don’t show what being 16 or 17 is like here in the UK. Skins was pretty out there from the very first episode but the way these characters acted, the way they spoke, it was something I could relate to and something I could see myself in. The ‘first generation’ had such an amazing cast and it was something I think I had wanted to see on TV for quite a while. I didn’t actually watch the ‘third generation’ but the first two were really amazing and I would definitely give those two a rewatch.


Supernatural thunderstorms, young adults doing community service and awesome superpowers… what’s not to love. Misfits was like a superhero version of Skins and I think it was so different and edgy at the time it first aired. Misfits was exciting, funny and strangely, it was pretty real too in a lot of ways. It introduced me to some great actors such as Iwan Rheon (Game of Thrones) and Antonia Thomas (The Good Doctor).

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones has to be one of the biggest shows that I have ever known and like so many millions of people, I loved it. Even though it hasn’t been long finished I would really love to watch it again. I can barely remember any of the earlier seasons and I know there will be a lot of little details that I missed, the help you to see where it’s all going and what is going to happen. I feel like maybe I just didn’t pay quite enough attention the first time around and also, I want to watch a few episodes again that I absolutely loved. I was someone who didn’t hate the ending too but having only watched it once, I think I am interested how I would feel a second time around.

Grey’s Anatomy

Where do I even start with Grey’s Anatomy! This was something I put off watching while I was on maternity leave because I had heard things and I knew that my hormones would not cope. I was right too. I was so glad that I picked something else to watch then. But, my sister lived with us for a while and she bought the first few box sets on DVD and said that I needed to watch it. I’m not sure I’ve ever liked something as much as Grey’s Anatomy, even with everything it throws at you.

A rewatch is something I haven’t been able to bring myself to do yet, but I desperately want to. I feel like I’ve forgotten some of the things that have happened but I know what a mess I’ll be while I watch it again.


House was something I really never wanted to watch. I didn’t think I was a fan of Hugh Laurie which is partially why I wasn’t bothered about this one. I also didn’t want to watch another medical drama because of how much I loved Grey’s but actually, the two are SO different. I found myself recording the episodes on Sky and I couldn’t wait to watch a couple of news ones every evening.

Criminal Minds

While I couldn’t make myself watch Grey’s on maternity leave, I did choose to watch Criminal Minds instead. I had watched a couple of episodes here and there before and thought it was really interesting and Sky started showing them from the very beginning. Now that the show has come to an end I miss it. I got really invested in the characters and some of the longer plots and I would love to relive all of that.

If you could rewatch a favourite show, what would it be?


10 TV Series That Are Worth Rewatching

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  1. I keep meaning to rewatch Dawson’s Creek. I loved it when I was a teenager.
    They are showing Buffy on E4 now and I am recording it to binge watch a series at a time with my teen. hehehe
    I used to love Lost and have started rewatching it. It was such a good show!

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