Fingerprint Tree Paintings

Fingerprint Tree Paintings

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We have loved playing with our Tuff Tray* over the last couple of months but regardless of what you see on Pinterest, they don’t have to be really complicated or look beautiful. Instead, sometimes a Tuff Tray can be a really simple idea and that’s why we did some finger painting to make a tree.

Fingerprint Tree Paintings

What you’ll need:

Large sheet of paper

Paints, pens and paint sticks*

Pot of water

Cleaning wipes

Fingerprint Tree Paintings

We started off by drawing the tree on to the paper with a brown paint stick. This meant that it dried immediately and Erin wouldn’t smudge it all together while decorating the rest. We set up a big trunk and lots of branches coming off at the top so that Erin could decide how she wanted to do the leaves.

Fingerprint Tree Paintings

We mixed together different paints so that we had various shades of brown and green for the leaves. Erin really enjoyed helping mixing the colours together because she was adamant that she knew exactly what kind of green she wanted to use. You might need a few mixing trays if your child if anything like this too!

Fingerprint Tree Paintings

Once Erin realised that she could use all of her fingers at once, instead of building up the leaves slowly it all got a bit crazy. However, she did use this opportunity to make grass at the bottom of the tree and moss all the way up the trunk. It might be a good idea to make your tree a size that will match your child’s attention span as I think ours ended up a bit big.

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Fingerprint Tree Paintings

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