Ways To Make Your Wedding Unique

Collaborative post Everyone wants their wedding to be special and totally different from anyone else’s, but this can seem like a distant dream when you start to look at what is available. It all looks as though it has been done before, and you might not be able to differentiate any of it when you start to search.  The good news is that there are plenty of small companies out there that will be able to give you something completely different on your wedding day to ensure that no one ever forgets what a wonderful occasion it was. You may

3 Reasons You Should Have A Bali Wedding During the Low Season

AD | Collaborative post In Bali, the months between October and March are considered a low season in terms of activity. Most people shy away from visiting this magical place during these months mainly because these are considered to be wet months. However, if you are planning a wedding in Bali, going against the grain might actually be the best thing that you can do. The following are the reasons why these months are extremely advantageous for those who are bold enough to try something new. Everything is affordable during the low season It is simply a matter of demand

Could You Upgrade Your Wedding Plans?

Collaborative post Your wedding plans are going great, aren’t they? You’ve got a skeleton to work with and add to when you want to, and when you think of something you absolutely have to include, and you’ve got plenty of options to um and ah over until you finally decide on what kind of cake you want for the big day. But could your wedding plans do with an upgrade? Could they be made a little more personal? Let’s think about it! What About Some Different Colours? Wedding colour schemes are often pale and pastel, and a lot of people

What To Look For In Your Ideal Wedding Venue

AD – Collaborative post Christmas and New Year is well and truly over and it’s time to start looking forward to other, more exciting events! Wedding season will be in full swing soon and I have recently been showing Erin pictures from our wedding from back in 2013. She loves seeing pictures of things we’ve done and she especially loves our wedding photos because they’re so beautiful. This, in part, was due to the location of where we got married. We got married abroad and although our choice of venue was not as vast as many others will experience, I still

Tips For Planning Your Ideal Wedding

AD | Collaborative post Last month John and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary and my sister is currently planning her wedding. John and I didn’t really have a traditional wedding as we got married in Florida with just the two of us. We purposely didn’t invite any friends or family as we knew some could afford it and some couldn’t and we thought that this was a fair way of doing things. As we had our wedding exactly the way we wanted it I thought I would share some tips about how to plan your ideal wedding: The dress

Different Ways To Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary

If you’re looking to do something extra-special for your wedding anniversary this year, there’s a lot of unique ways you can celebrate. Whatever your budget, there’s an unusual wedding anniversary idea to fit you and your spouse. To give you a little inspiration, here you’ll discover some of the best, different ways to celebrate an anniversary. Take an unforgettable trip If you’re celebrating a big anniversary, or you just fancy doing something a little more extravagant this year, why not book an unforgettable trip? Heading somewhere different such as India, Africa or Thailand, allows you to experience a once in

My Best Holiday Photo

AD | Collaborative post John and I have been on a few holidays in the nearly 6 years we have been togehter. We were recently challenged to write a post based on our best holiday photo by Holiday Gems, who have so many places to choose from for holidays and it has been so much fun looking through old pictures and deciding which one I like the best. I get rather snap happy when we’re on holiday, wanting to take photos so that we remember everything for as long as possible. Although we have been on some great holidays, there is

5 Things To Think About When Planning A Wedding

Summer generally means that it is wedding season. So many people want to get married when the weather is nice. They want outdoor options, perfect photos and a beautiful location. However, there are so many things to consider when planning a wedding. Here are 5! Location This must be one of the most important factors to think about. When John and I got married we chose an amazing location. We actually got married in Orlando, Florida and it was just the two of us. We got married at a really big estate house with gorgeous grounds. I couldn’t have picked