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3 Simple Ways To Create An Incredible Child’s Bedroom

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If you are eager to spend some lockdown time renovating your little darling’s bedroom, the chances are that you are eager to create a magical space that they can retreat to and enjoy spending time in. Do you remember when you were small and you were envious of the boy who had a Thundercats mural on his wall or the girl who had an amazing princess palace theme from their walls to their bed? As a parent, you can now create a bespoke space for your little one to adore. He or she can now be the envy of their friends when they come to your house to play.

As a responsible parent, you need to ensure that you stick to a budget and that you don’t go a little too crazy on the decor. Your pad may be beautiful with exquisite styling, achingly cool furniture and stunning period features. You don’t want your child’s bedroom to be totally out of kilter with this – think black walls and neon ceilings. This is a definite no. Take a look at these three simple ways to create an incredible bedroom for your little cherub.

Go Personal

Forget about what is gracing the covers of interiors magazines, and sit your child down to discuss what they want in their room. Remember, while you own the house, this little part of your pad is the lair of your little darling. This needs to be their haven of tranquillity whatever this may be. Ask about the sorts of colours, features and themes they might want to explore in their bedrooms.

If your child is keen on animals, dinosaurs, dragons, princesses or pink, try to factor in ways to get this into their room’s decor. It’s all too easy for a parent to take over and go for something that they want. This design needs to be created in conjunction with your child. Wallpaper is an easy way to inject something a little bit more personalised into a room. Every theme is catered for when it comes to childhood bedrooms. You could source Frozen wallpaper, wallpaper full of stegosauruses, or robot wallpaper. Don’t cover all four walls, and instead go for a feature wall. Even the biggest of rooms struggle with wallpaper on every wall as it can make a room feel enclosed and smaller than it really is. Feature walls could also contain murals or paintings if you are feeling a little artistic.


It can be challenging to fit everything your child needs into their room. As they grow, it’s only natural that their bed, their storage needs and their furniture becomes larger and more imposing. There are many bedroom layout styles to inspire your design depending on the size of the space. The smallest of rooms tend to allow a wardrobe, a bed and a study desk. This may be all your child needs.

Small rooms can feel cramped so it might be worthwhile checking out multi-purpose furniture. Cabin beds can be the perfect solution to small spaces as they have a slightly higher bed with a desk and bookcase underneath. Kids can adore this sort of furniture as it adds a touch of personalisation to their space. They can choose how to decorate this cabin bed feature with fairy lights, duvet sets and soft furnishings. Remember, this is your child’s room so give them some freedom to work out their ideal decor choices.

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Be Flexible

Many children are fickle and will be keen to change their decor as often as they change their socks. To combat this, strike a deal. They may be able to change the colour of their walls once a year. This can be done with cheap emulsion – however, any feature wall must remain the same. Encourage them to explore other ways to adapt their interior design. They could source new posters or artwork. If they are keen on photography, go out with a camera and encourage them to take some shots.

If they are keen to experiment with decor, encourage their creativity. Head to flea markets and car boot sales to help them source some decor bargains such as lighting, artwork and ornamental features. Harnessing and fostering their own sense of self now can help them to grow up confident, happy and at ease in their immediate environment.

Children are most content when they feel comfortable in their own home. Follow this guide and you can create an incredible bedroom for your child for many years to come.


3 Simple Ways To Create An Incredible Child's Bedroom

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