Sink And Float Tuff Tray

Sink And Float Tuff Tray

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Erin loves doing experiments, especially if it’s something that involves water. Something simple to use the Tuff Tray* for is a sink and float experiment.

Sink And Float Tuff Tray

What you’ll need

Chalk or pens to write on the Tuff Tray

Large container for the water

Random selection of items from around the house

Sink And Float Tuff Tray
Sink And Float Tuff Tray

We started out by marking off different areas of the Tuff Tray. I did think about putting different pieces of card down for each section (sink and float) but then quickly realised that they would get really wet and destroyed quickly. I used chalk as this is easy to wipe off once you are finished. Erin helped me to find a good selection of items from around the house, such as food and toys. We made sure that we got a real variety of different sizes and weights.

Sink And Float Tuff Tray
Sink And Float Tuff Tray

Taking one item at a time, we talked about what we thought would happen once we put them in the water. I tried to get Erin to talk about the size of some of the items as well as how much they might weigh. We put the items into the tub of water one by one to see whether they would sink or float.

Sink And Float Tuff Tray

This is such an easy (and cheap) Tuff Tray to set up and it can be done both inside and out. We like to use our Tuff Tray outside more as it’s a lot easier to clean up if there’s any mess.

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