3 Simple Ways To Earn Extra Money For Summer

3 Simple Ways To Earn Extra Money For Summer

The summer holidays are nearly here and before you know it, you’ll have loads of things to plan for the time the children are off school. I think I’m quite lucky at the minute because Erin goes to nursery for 51 weeks of the year, meaning there is no summer holidays for us. However, we’re still probably going to want nice days out when the weather is nice so here are some ideas for how to earn money extra money for summer.

Selling on Facebook

I am a massive fan of selling unwanted items on Facebook. I’ve done quite well from it in the past and so far, I have always used the money to take away with us on holidays. All of our spending money for our holiday earlier this week to Haven came from selling items on Facebook.

What I like the most about selling on Facebook vs. selling on eBay is that you don’t have to mess around with all of the postage and you can list to more than one group at once. As we’re a family that don’t drive I make sure that I let buyers know that all items need to be collected so I don’t even need to leave the house to make some money.

If you’ve never done it before then check out my guide which you can find here: https://bit.ly/2K0Emeh

Car Boot Sales

We are very lucky that a local charity organises car boot sales during the warmer months in our town’s market place. Not being able to drive means not being able to do ‘proper’ car boot sales but we’re able to drag our things down in a suitcase and set up a pitch with just a table.

If you do drive though, do a bit of research for which are the most popular car boot sales in your area. There is one local to us that seems to be the most popular and from what I hear, anyone who goes to sell there does pretty well most of the time.

Car boot sales are also a great way to spend a Sunday or Bank Holiday Monday if the weather is nice. More people tend to come out to look when the weather is nice so this would be your best chance of making some nice cash and also clearing out some of your clutter.

Survey sites

Okay, so survey sites won’t make you any money quickly but if you save up for a little while, it could mean a day out here and there. Swagbucks is a site I use more often than others, and always on a daily basis, as it’s easy to collect points for not doing much. The points aren’t much if you don’t put in the work but I make at least £125 a year just for running some apps on my phone every day.

Another site to check out is Branded Surveys. The surveys vary in length and some are quite short but there is also a daily poll to answer which earns you points! It takes a while to cash out on Branded Surveys but again, start saving the points and you could be cashing out for Amazon vouchers to buy new games or toys to keep the children entertained during the summer holidays.


3 Simple Ways To Earn Extra Money For Summer

Disclaimer: This post contains sign up links. I may earn extra points but they will not affect the way that you can use the sites. 

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