3 Ways to Modernise Your Home

3 Ways to Modernise Your Home

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If your home is looking a little too “traditional” and you want to get with these modern times, here are three top tips. With some careful planning and a bit of imagination you can transform some of your older rooms that are showing the signs of age and a lack of TLC into spaces where the whole family want to be. In the wake of Covid-19 staying at home became the new normal, and with it came the desire to improve our most cherished living spaces. Take these ideas and run with them. Your home can be a modern paradise if you want it to be!

Upgrade the garage into a gaming room

If your garage is more of a storage area than an actual garage or if you do not need to have your car in there overnight, why not upgrade this space? If you have a family with teenagers, they will adore the idea of a dedicated gaming room. When they have friends over it can become a focal point for them to enjoy gaming together. Think about getting some gaming chairs for this space so that everyone can play in comfort. In terms of the gaming equipment itself, it makes sense to choose from a range of 4K screen gaming PCs. Such computers are built to handle modern games and can display graphics smoothly at 4K resolution rates. Your children will love you for this; but remember, gaming is an activity that the whole family can enjoy.

Install smart technology

There is an enormous range of gadgets and tech that can completely overhaul the functionality of your home and bring it into modern times. Voice-operated music playing systems – such as the Amazon Alexa and Google Home – can fill your home with the latest music just by asking them to play your favourite tracks. In addition, they can be used to set timers and reminders and can link together if you have multiple units so you can communicate with each other in different rooms in the house. The voice activation function also extends to smart lamps, which can light your rooms on command. Even smart toilet seats can be fitted with motion-sensing devices to lift when you are nearby! 

Another great invention is automatic vacuum cleaners that sense your floor space and clean automatically! Smart technology is here to make your live easier and more comfortable, so check out the many smart tech ideas that are available. 

Extend the living spaces outside

Most families love a barbecue in the summertime, but along with doing a spot of gardening this tends to be where most activity happens in the garden. Why not create a permanent dining area in your garden with water-resistant seating? (Resin wicker and bamboo are great materials for outdoor use.) If you live in the UK and worry about the weather (or the lack of a good summer) remember that outdoor dining spaces can work in all seasons thanks to the rise in popularity of outdoor space heaters and covered pergola roofing for patio areas. Get with the modern times and extend your living space outdoors. Al fresco dining can be for everyone in this modern age!

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