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4 Ways Your Kids Benefit From Having a Cat in The Home

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When it comes to the prospect of pets, most kids are extremely enthusiastic. After all, what purer feeling is there than loving an animal that shares its home with us? And while there are all kinds of pets that can be a good fit for kids, from goldfish to guinea pigs, here we’re going to focus our attention on the humble domestic feline. Any pet represents a great learning opportunity for our kids. But a cat can be particularly beneficial for them in a number of ways. After all, we’re talking about one of nature’s most perfectly evolved predators… yet they were smart enough to realise that they didn’t need to bother hunting if they just rocked up to our houses, started looking cute and waited to be fed. Any animal that canny can surely teach the little ones a thing or two. 

With that in mind, lets take a look at some of the ways your kids can benefit from having a cat in the house…

A cat teaches them responsibility and empathy

Like any pet, a cat has needs to which your child must attend. They will need to learn lessons like responsibility. While a cat is a fairly self-reliant creature, they still need to be fed the right food, at the right time, in the right amounts. They need to be given the care and attention they deserve. What’s more, a cat’s instincts are very different to a human being’s. Learning why cats behave the way they do and what motivates their behaviour requires empathy and understanding. Two very important traits for kids to have. 

They learn patience and perseverance

Let’s face it, dogs are pretty forthcoming when it comes to affection. This makes them a very gratifying pet to have. But cats make you work a little harder for their affection. And when you don’t respect their boundaries they will keep their distance. But anyone who knows cats understands that they’re neither cold nor aloof. They can be extremely affectionate. And when kids take the time to understand their pet and earn their affection it can be a great lesson in patience and perseverance. 

They’re a lesson in the importance of nutrition

Cats are famously fussy eaters. While dogs will (usually) eat anything put in front of them with glee, a cat will happily walk away from a bowl of food if they sense something is amiss. Which is why it’s important to Click here to buy healthy, good quality pet food. It’s a good opportunity to bring up the subject of nutrition with your kids and how important it is for them. 

They learn to put others’ needs first

Finally, cats don’t always want to cuddle at the same time as us. They may not even want to be indoors when we’re ready to spend time with them. Having a cat means being cognisant of their needs and understanding pets are not there for our emotional gratification. Putting the needs of others can be a tough sell for kids. But with a cat in the home, they’ll come to understand this naturally. 


4 Ways Your Kids Benefit From Having a Cat in The Home

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