The benefits of holiday camps for kids-2

The benefits of holiday camps for kids

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A holiday camp can help your child to create memories that last a lifetime, give them the opportunity to make new friends, build social skills and find hidden talents. Thinking about whether or not you should enrol your child in a holiday camp over the school break? Here are the benefits of holiday camps for kids, put together by a kids camp in London.

Building Confidence and Self-Esteem

Holiday camps are built for exploration and trying new things. There are new challenges and activities to do every day that can allow your child to explore their strengths and talents. Many of these tasks involve team working where communication is vital for victory and can get your child to build their confidence in the process.

Gaining Social Skills

Unlike school where your child is with the same faces that they’ve probably seen since nursery school, a holiday camp is where children from all different schools come together. This can help your child to build the social skills needed to interact with new people and make friends. Along the way, through completing different activities, your child can build bonds and walk away with friends for life. 

Building Transferable Skills

The biggest benefit of a holiday camp is that so much learning takes place. It is like one big unconventional school where skills such as leadership, team working and problem-solving are taught through play. These are skills that are essential for work which can help your child to be a great asset to any team.

Keeping the Kids Active

Most of the activities involve physical activity, getting your child up and about instead of channel surfing while off school. This can help them to stay fit and healthy where ‘exercise loss’ usually takes place.

A Chance to Develop Independence 

Being away from home can teach your child how to be independent, put all the lessons that you’ve taught them to good use and teach them how to live respectfully with others. This can be good preparation for university and teach your child how to take care of themself. 

Finding a Hidden Talent

The tasks are as obscure as they come. Your child might find themselves building a raft with empty plastic bottles, taking part in archery or making crafts from natural resources.  This can help them to explore their hidden talents, find a new passion and build their self-esteem. These are only things that your child could dream of exploring from the classroom.


The benefits of holiday camps for kids-2

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