5 Easily Forgotten Areas To Clean Around The Home

5 Easily Forgotten Areas To Clean Around The Home

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Spring seems to be just around the corner. I don’t know about you but I always like to give my house a really good clean after winter. Some areas tend to get a bit neglected over winter and I find this is a great time to make a list and tackle some of those easily forgotten areas to clean around the home.

Skirting boards

Having an old house that seems to attract dust from nowhere means that some of our skirting boards get particularly dusty. We have had them replace in 2 rooms and for some reason, these aren’t half as bad but the other rooms do get very dusty. As furniture covers a large area of most rooms I neglect the skirting boards more than I really should do. When I do a good clean after winter though I like to wash them all down properly and get rid of as much dirt and grime as possible.


As much as I can I try to make sure we all take our shoes off in the hallway. However, our back door is in our kitchen and we generally walk through the dining room to the hallways after being out in the back garden. Having a forgetful husband and a crazy 3 year old means that some areas of the house get walked on with shoes sometimes. Professional carpet cleaning companies don’t cost a fortune and a deep clean can really help to freshen up your home for spring.

Cushions and throws

Even in the spring and summer we always have cushions and thrown on our couches and chairs. We have leather sofas which get really cold so throws help to make them a bit more homely and warm. However, as we use them on a daily basis (and Erin loves certain ones) I find it hard to get them in the wash. The nicer weather is a great opportunity to get these things washed and hung out on the line to dry and smell beautifully fresh again.

On top of the wardrobe

The tops of our wardrobes tend to be a bit of a dumping ground throughout the year. Erin’s is home to some bigger toys, mine is where we keep the car seats (as we don’t actually drive) and John’s has random boxes stacked on top. The tops of wardrobes are somewhere we don’t touch regularly and they just collect dust. It’s a good idea to clean these areas while the windows are open and the room is well ventilated, which is why I don’t do them in winter!

The cupboard under the sink

Oh the dumping ground under the sink. I open this cupboard on a daily basis to do things like laundry or cleaning but I never really pay any attention to the state of it. Take some time to completely empty the cupboard under the sink, get some great storage and give it a bit of an overhaul. Storage trays and hooks can make a real difference and help to keep the cupboard organised and cleaner the whole year round.

What particular thing do you put off cleaning?


5 Easily Forgotten Areas To Clean Around The Home

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