5 Must-Dos Before Buying a Refurbished Laptop

5 Must-Dos Before Buying a Refurbished Laptop

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We don’t blame you if you want to purchase a refurbished laptop but are unsure if you actually should. There are a few things you should check to be sure you’re getting a good price before purchasing any refurbished laptop or phone.

  1. Read Product Reviews & Consumer Reports

The majority of customers who submit internet evaluations will do so with integrity and wisdom. Browse through the reviews of any used or refurbished products you’re contemplating buying before making a decision. Analyze the reviews for trends in both the computer’s advantages and disadvantages. Pay close attention to suggestions that deal with:

  • Function (do they use the laptop for work, photo or video editing, gaming, etc)
  • RAM and speed of operation (how fast does it run, how well can you multitask on the machine)
  • apps you intend to use and any problems users may have had with those programmes
  • Room for storage (did they have enough for how they were using the computer)
  • Both the overall design and user experience
  • Refurbishing quality and quality rating
  1. Check for Warranties & Guarantees

The majority of brand-new computers, including MacBooks, have a one-year standard guarantee or the opportunity to add an extended warranty like Apple Care. The warranty is even more crucial for refurbished laptops because there is a chance that a repair was done incorrectly or that there are hidden problems that weren’t found. Seek out vendors who provide a guarantee that covers all devices completely for a minimum of 6 months to 1 year or longer.

  1. Check for Discounts on Refurbished Laptops

It’s not always the case that you’re getting a good price just because a fantastic reconditioned laptop is available for purchase from a reliable website. When you’re given a discount on a refurbished or used laptop, look up the original price of the device by doing some research. It’s possible to purchase refurbished tablets in the UK at a steep discount if you do a little searching before you put any money down.

A good deal often entails a 40%–65% discount off the laptop’s original price. Older models are frequently found at greater percentages, while more recent reconditioned versions are frequently found at lower percentages.

  1. Check for Warranties & Guarantees

4. Verify whether the refurbisher changes batteries.

Any reconditioned laptop’s battery life has the potential to make or break a purchase. A battery typically loses durability with time, which causes a progressive reduction in the amount of time it can keep a charge. Depending on usage, a brand-new laptop’s battery may no longer last 12 hours as it once did, and may now only hold a charge for 4 hours.

Make sure you verify whether the refurbisher replaces outdated batteries if a secondhand laptop has been reconditioned. And always keep in mind that you should never purchase a refurbished laptop from a website that doesn’t promise to replace any batteries that are damaged or outdated. That must not be done.

  1. Check the Laptop Model’s Release Year

The initial year the reconditioned laptop was released can be very important information. There are several reasons for this, starting with cost. A five-year-old laptop ought to cost less than a two-year-old version of the same machine. The year is also significant because it will determine the generation of processor the computer has. Just because two laptops use a Core i7 processor, for example, doesn’t mean they provide the exact same performance.

Author bio: Paula Napolitano is a Product Sales Manager for Wisetek Store UK, an e-commerce portal for refurbished laptops, refurbished tablets, and much more.

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