5 Reasons To Call Out A Plumber

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Being a homeowner means often having to rely on tradesmen to carry out odd pieces of work. I am useless at DIY and there is no way that I would ever touch electrics or plumbing. Sometimes though, it’s really hard to know when to call out a plumber. I know when we first moved into our house we were always wondering whether it was worth calling someone out or not.

1. Low Water Pressure

I think this is something that a lot of people will overlook. Back in our old flat we had terrible pressure in the kitchen sink but nowhere else. We stupidly didn’t get a plumber out for this and instead relied on the handyman that the letting agent provided. We didn’t get our water pressure fixed at all and instead had to put up with barely getting any water for a year or so.

2. Dripping taps

Dripping taps annoy the hell out of me. Not only could it end up costing you a fortune if you’re on a water meter but it is really annoying. John has a habit of not turning our kitchen taps tight enough which means they drip a bit. This could be a really simple fix by a change of tap or a little tighten up.

3. Frozen Pipes

We live in a Victorian semi and as you can probably imagine, some of the plumbing is a bit ancient. We don’t have central heating, only storage heaters so our house is never warm enough to not have to worry about the pipes. If they freeze, we have a big problem on our hands. This is something I’d never dream of tackling myself and I’d always call a plumber out for this.

4. No hot water

This is a bit of a tricky one really because the cause could be a whole manner of different things. It could be one small problem or a whole range of things adding up to you having no hot water. Call the plumber for sure on this one.

5. Overflowing toilets

I know this one is a bit obvious. However, an overflowing toilet can be fixed temporarily yourself but there could be more issues you can’t see or don’t know about. I know this isn’t something I’d risk having wrong in my house. Sewage and waste smells… no thanks!

I hope this post has been helpful! I’d love to hear some stranger reasons for calling out a plumber in the comments. 

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