Takeaways and Tantrums

Takeaways and Tantrums

A couple of weeks ago I have to admit that I had a bit of a strop. My husband would  say I was being silly and that I overreacted. Of course, I turned to the blogging community to see what they thought.

Before I go on to let you know what other bloggers have had happen, I need to say what my little tantrum was all about.

I work for a well known supermarket who sells hot pizzas. I work on that counter and since then, I have become quite picky about what pizza I have. I sent John across the road for a large  deep pan pizza with mozzarella , sweetcorn, pineapple and chicken with BBQ sauce. I sent him with very clear instructions. He came back with a thin crust pizza with the above toppings and pepperoni, no pineapple. I refused to eat it. I don’t like the thin crusts and I hate pepperoni.

John kept saying ‘oh but’ this that and the other and he really didn’t think it was a big deal. It was to me. We’ve been married for nearly 4 years now and he knows I can be a picky cow at times. I was bloody miserable for the rest of the evening, so much so that I went to bed without eating.

And, on that note, I need to show that I’m not insane. Takeaways and Tantrums is a thing, the numbers prove it!

Jen Mellor My ex husband used to buy me takeaway when I was losing weight because he didn’t want me to change….I got rid of him and the weight (total of over ten stone got rid of him after 4.5 stone) and loads better for it! www.justaveragejen.com

Clare Low Me and my hubby ALWAYS argue over takeaways. It kind of goes

“Fancy a take out? –
Yeah –
Cool, what do you want? –
I dunno what do you want? –
I’m alright with anything, you choose –
Well I’m cool with anything too, why do I have to choose? – Because I asked you first –
I don’t know –
I don’t know either –
Well whatever then –
yeah okay whatever, lets go without –
fine –
fine –
… hour later – So you want Chinese then?”


Samantha Rickelton My husband Steve and I always joke about the time our Chinese arrived and he wasn’t listening to me properly so had ordered regular chicken in Cantonese sauce rather than my favourite crispy chicken in Cantonese sauce. I went to bed crying my eyes out (and stayed there for the night) when it was delivered and I opened the carton !! It seemed so important to me at the time but we laugh at how irrational I was www.northeastfamilyfun.co.uk

Lucy Cotterill When I was 8m pregnant I desperately wanted a Dr Oettker Hawaiian pizza and told Mike it HAD to be that one. The craving was intense and I’d been salivating all day at the prospect. He came back with a different brand. I was so angry I cried (I blame the hormones) and went straight to bed  http://www.realmumreview.com

Amy Green When I was pregnant I REALLLLYYYYYY wanted a Wagamamas. He said no! So I threw a tantrum and he drove me there. www.thesmallestofthings.com

Jess Howliston Ohh don’t even get me started on getting the wrong thing at the Chinese! Once hubby got me the wrong chow mein and I just couldn’t cope. I had been looking forward to it all day so peeling back that foil lid (practically dribbling into my plate) to discover pork sent me over the edge. I literally abandoned my dinner and sulked upstairs, I think my sulking worked as hubby felt so bad he offered to go get me a new one (the right one!) but the moment had passed so I just sulked all evening! www.tantrumstosmiles.co.uk

Have you ever done anything like this before, or been on the receiving end of the tantrum?!

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  1. hahaha! The only arguments my fella and I have are over food….
    I threw such a strop once because he forgot the sweet & sour sauce from the Chinese and he refused to go back and get me some. I went myself and was in a mood all evening. lol

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