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A couple of months ago we made the decision to get rid of our library. Yes, we had a library in the house. You see, I used to be a book blogger and it was how I started off 7 years ago. This means that I have acquired quite a few books over the years. However, as soon as Erin started walking I decided they all had to go in the loft. The bookcases weren’t attached to the walls and I would have been stupid to leave them there. This whole area is now my office but it’s lacking in personality. I need some office inspiration.

My office is essentially a little box of a room. I have some fantastic storage furniture and a MASSIVE desk that will be delivered in the next couple of weeks. This is going to go at the side of one piece of furniture and run all the way along the wall until the end of the window. Unfortunately, my furniture has become a bit of a dumping ground while I get boxes and files etc. sorted out. That’s not really the issue though. It’s all just a bit boring. I’m looking for pretty storage options with personality! If you’re looking for something similar then be sure to look at where there are lots of options for office supplies.

When we moved into this house the previous owners pretty much painted everything in white matt emulsion; kitchen cupboards, bathroom tiles, you name it and it’s white! We’ve slowly started decorating upstairs but the living room and office is still white. I hate it! However, it is a 25ft room with a bit to the side. It is going to take a hell of a lot of paint or wallpaper.

I have two big bits of furniture either side of the room with the back wall being completely bare. I really don’t know what to do with it. This is a bit of a crap picture to be honest. The big hole where the coving fell down has now been fixed!

Do I get some art or one big piece? Do I get some awesome, massive planners or notice boards of some kind and do something with that? HELP!


Office Inspiration Needed

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  1. I don’t have an office now, but when I used to I had a massive notice boards (actually, it was two side-by-side). They were magnetic, and you could use whiteboard pens on them, so they were perfect for all kinds of planning.

  2. My ‘office’ is a desk in the corner of one of our downstairs rooms, so I’ve not decorated a whole office room before. However, I have popped up various inspiring prints (just with washi tape) on the wall in front of my desk which I love 🙂

  3. My dream would be to have a library! For me I would make the office into a pretty but clamp room, pale walls with pretty touches x

  4. Love those shelving units! I think something to brighten it up would be nice or a family photo clock to make it personal, maybe?

  5. I think sometimes what gives a space personality is what you put on the shelves. You have a really good base there, I’m sure you could add your personality with pretty or funky storage boxes and a few chosen items. Good luck.

  6. You could turn that back wall into a gallery wall with a collection of family pictures or something. I’ve done one in my hallway and it’s a great way to add character and overall good vibes as it’ll make you smile everytime you see it 🙂


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