5 Reasons Why You Need to Service your Car More Often

5 Reasons Why You Need to Service your Car More Often

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Servicing your car can feel a little like going to the doctor when you feel fine: unnecessary, and in the absence of an NHS for cars, an unwanted expense. But cars cannot be compared to bodies – after all, bodies can heal themselves without intervention while vehicles cannot. So make sure you arrive at a good servicing schedule, and even opt for more rather than less as a rule of thumb. Here’s five good reasons why you should make a habit of servicing your car more often.

To Keep Your Car in Roadworthy Condition

Being safe on the road is a sensible practice, and it is a legal requirement for all vehicles using the UK’s public roads to be not only roadworthy, but certified to be so through the means of the MOT certificate. Regular servicing can help with this, to the point that many drivers align their annual service with their MOT test, so the mechanic can service and check the vehicle before handing it over to the MOT inspector for the test. Doing it in this way can often be cheaper, as many garages offer service and MOT bundles to encourage customers towards this practice. If you are somewhere near London or Buckinghamshire, you can conveniently get your car service in Beaconsfield from Broadway Autocentres.

To Keep You Safe on the Roads

Having a properly serviced car will keep you safe on the road, and will also keep others safe. This is not only as a way to prevent sudden breakdowns while in traffic, but will also ensure that traffic emissions are kept as low as possible – damaged cars can spew out noxious fumes that can harm the health of those living, working or driving in the vicinity.

To Maintain the Value of Your Car

Regular servicing – and keeping a record of this – is a great and relatively painless way to keep your car’s resale value high. Being able to prove that you are a careful and conscientious driver who has followed the manufacturer-recommended servicing pattern, replacing old filters, spark plugs and belts with brand compliant replacements will push the value of your car, allowing you to make a great deal when you decide it is time for a change and want a new car. Selling your old car for a higher price gives you a nice ‘deposit’ for your new one, whether you are buying it outright or part-exchanging.

To Quickly Pick up Issues

Just as mentioned above, while our bodies let us know when something is beginning to go wrong – we change colour, feel ill, experience pain or nausea etc – our cars do not really have that facility. Usually by the time we realise that there is something going on with our car, the damage has been underway for some time. An experienced mechanic will find the little signs and indications that something has gone awry and be able to fix them, stopping the risk of greater damage – and greater expense and inconvenience – while the damage can still be easily repaired.

To Enjoy Peace of Mind

The psychological benefits of driving a car that you are completely sure is in good, roadworthy condition cannot be overstated. Often, we become aware of strange noises, squeaks, rattles, or even sense that something in the way the car is handling has changed, and even though we may think that we are unaffected, there will almost always be an element of concern that the car might be about to break down. A regular servicing schedule, along with careful driving practices, will ensure that those niggling worries do not spoil your enjoyment of your commute.

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