Busy Mum? Try these six craft ideas to keep your kids entertained

Being a Mum means we are busy. I know this only too well being a Mum to a 5 year old myself myself. It’s hard to keep everyone happy with a to-do list that never ends and children to entertain. But this is where a little bit of preparation can take you a long way. Children are the one thing we can’t put to the bottom of our list. It’s a good idea to prepare yourself with some activities for when you need them entertained. Here’re a few ideas to try. Remember preparation is key

Staying cool in the garden with a parasol from Lakeland Furniture

AD | Post contains gifted items Although the summer is finally over that doesn’t stop us from looking forward to next year and thinking ahead about what we might need for our gardens. With a south facing garden we tend to struggle for shade during the day and it can make being out there just too hot. Lakeland Furniture have a fantastic selection of garden furniture, including garden parasols.

50 things to do in Norfolk before your child turns 5

AD | collaborative post When you have children you want to bring them up the best that you can and provide a fun and stimulating environment for them. Something I personally found really hard, I think probably from when Erin was a baby, was thinking of things to do with her. I don’t think of myself as a natural and I don’t have the ideas that an early years teacher might have. Actually, I would say that I’m with a large percentage of parents who probably feel the same way. “50 things to do before

How to prepare your child for starting Reception

Although it’s only July the new school year will be upon us sooner than you think and the summer holidays can go really fast. If you have a child who will be going into Reception in September then now is the time to start thinking about how you can help prepare them.

Fun things to do in your home town with children for free

The summer holidays are coming up and they can be EXPENSIVE! Sometimes I think we can feel a lot of pressure to pack in trips away and days out but they’re not always possible and we might not able to afford them all of the time either. We’re a family with only 1 child but families but multiple children can end up spending a lot of money on a day out, especially if it’s to a well known attraction. So, with that in mind, I wanted to share some ideas of fun things to do

Rookie mistakes to avoid when buying school uniform for the first time

Last year I had to buy school uniform for the first time and let me tell you, it was not as easy or straight forward as I expected it to be. I thought I could go into a shop and pick up everything I needed in one go but that’s really not how it all worked out. In September so many new children will be starting school so I wanted to share some rookie mistakes to avoid when buying school uniform for the first time.

Staying local in Norfolk over half term

Although travel restrictions have been lifted and we’re free to go anywhere in the UK we like we decided that we wanted to stay local for this half term. We love living in Norfolk and we have so many amazing places to visit on our doorstep. Sometimes we like to stay in Norfolk and that’s exactly what we did this half term.

Things I wish I’d known before getting a mortgage

AD | Collaborative post In April 2014 John and I were able to buy our first house together. In fact, we’re still in that house now 7 years later and don’t plan on moving again for the next few years at least. When I look back to when we were planning on going from being in a small rented flat to dreaming of owning our own home it all seemed a bit impossible. We had no idea what we were doing and could have really done with someone explaining a few things to us. I