Staying local in Norfolk over half term

Although travel restrictions have been lifted and we’re free to go anywhere in the UK we like we decided that we wanted to stay local for this half term. We love living in Norfolk and we have so many amazing places to visit on our doorstep. Sometimes we like to stay in Norfolk and that’s exactly what we did this half term.

Things I wish I’d known before getting a mortgage

AD | Collaborative post In April 2014 John and I were able to buy our first house together. In fact, we’re still in that house now 7 years later and don’t plan on moving again for the next few years at least. When I look back to when we were planning on going from being in a small rented flat to dreaming of owning our own home it all seemed a bit impossible. We had no idea what we were doing and could have really done with someone explaining a few things to us. I

Shopping, a driving theory test and dinner in Norwich

At the beginning of half term John and I got to go for a very rare day out on our own. Mum had agreed to have Erin all day and take her out for lunch while we went into Norwich late in the morning. Our day out wasn’t just for no reason though; John had his driving theory test booked for the afternoon.

Car care and tyre safety tips for safe family travels

Collaborative post Summer will soon be upon us and after months and months of not being able to go anywhere I’m sure a lot of us are getting itchy feet. While most holidays abroad are off the cards this year we still have the whole of the UK to explore, and there are some amazing places that you can go. You might be looking to go on a super fun road trip this summer but make sure you have done all of the necessary car checks to make sure you’re safe before you go.

Why You Shouldn’t Stress About Potty Training

Back in March we had our first attempt at potty training. We got all kitted out with the Summer Infant My Size Potty and Erin loved it. We gave Erin time to get used to the new potty and a few weeks after it was delivered we got Erin some knickers and gave it a go. It didn’t turn out too well though and Erin just wasn’t ready at a place where she was ready for potty training. We gave up after a couple of days and decided to wait until the weather was nicer

Finding The Perfect Balance When Working From Home

Working from home and blogging full time is a lot! I had been hoping to be able to do this full time for quite some time now and a couple of months ago I took a risk and quit my part time evening job in a supermarket. I hated it. I hated being away from John and Erin and I hated being restricted in what I could and couldn’t do. I never wanted to go back to work after maternity leave and I always knew deep down it wasn’t for me. Since I started working

Baby led weaning

When we decided to start weaning with Erin at 17 weeks we obviously started with purees. Baby led weaning wasn’t an option because she was so young. We started well before the recommended 6 month mark because of Erin’s reflux and it was definitely the right decision. At 8 months old Erin has her own ideas about food. She’s an independant little bugger! For the past month or so Erin has been showing so much interest in whatever me or her dad are eating. She looked desperate to have what we were having. Since that started