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5 Steps You Need to Take for Filing a Claim After a Motorcycle Accident

There is nothing quite like the feel of the wind and fresh air while riding a motorcycle. The feeling of freedom and power is hard to beat. But, there is always the chance of having an accident while on the road. Getting the compensation needed to recover is not always easy. There are five steps to take that will help the motorcycle owner get better results after an accident.

Recovering From A Motorcycle Accident

After the police have come and gone and the bike has been hauled away, the rider and any passengers face an uphill battle to get compensation and needed medical treatment for a full physical and financial recovery. Having a good insurance company helps, but the party that caused the accident may not have the best, or any, insurance. Having a good lawyer might mean the difference between full recovery and a big loss. Lawyers such as alex hernandez lawyer could make a difference.

When a driver has been negligent and disregarded the safety of a motorcyclist, they need to take responsibility for their actions. But they might not be willing without the intervention of a lawyer. A law firm will have the personnel and training to investigate the accident and correctly file an injury claim. Insurance companies might offer better compensation to an injured party that is represented by a well-known law firm.

Common Causes for Accidents

The common causes of motorcycle accidents include distracted driving, road defects and hazards, intoxicated drivers, defective vehicle parts, poor or inadequate auto or motorcycle repairs, and reckless or careless driving. To receive compensation from the driver who caused the accident, the injured party must have proof and correctly file the claim. This is where having a good lawyer is a big advantage because they won’t make costly filing or claim mistakes. You might want to contact someone like One Sure Insurance to make sure you have insurance set up in advance. 

5 Steps to Take After a Motorcycle Accident

  1. Check everyone involved in the accident for injuries. Getting medical help should be a first priority in the case of serious injury.
  2. Call 911 and have everyone wait for the police to arrive. When talking to the dispatcher, ask what steps to take while waiting for the police.
  3. Take photos of every aspect of the accident and exchange driver information. Don’t forget to photograph the other driver and the license plate on his or her vehicle. Photograph The insurance card and the driver’s license. Get contact information from witnesses and passengers.
  4. Move the motorcycle and other vehicles out of traffic if possible. Make sure the police want you to move the vehicles before touching anything. Calling the police before taking any action will help avoid lost evidence.
  5. Contact the insurance company as soon as possible. If the insurance companies involved are not offering an adequate settlement, contact an attorney early in the process.

When you have taken all the steps above, you will be free to concentrate on recovering from injuries and replacing the motorcycle. Recovering from injuries sustained in the accident should take priority. The insurance company and the lawyer should be putting the victim’s health first, closely followed by financial compensation to help them replace their damaged motorcycle and recover money for lost work time, medical costs, and so on. 


5 Steps You Need to Take for Filing a Claim After a Motorcycle Accident

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