Witches Potion Tuff Tray

Witches Potion Tuff Tray

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When it comes to our Tuff Tray* one of Erin’s favourite things to do is to mix things. It doesn’t really seem to matter too much about what it is, but she really loves putting things into water. One of her favourite things to watch is Room On The Broom* so I thought what better than to make up a tray for mixing together a witch’s potion.

Witches Potion Tuff Tray

What you’ll need:

Large mixing bowl


Toy spiders and bats

Coloured water

Sticks or spoons for mixing

Small pots of ingredients such as lentils, cereal etc.

A witches hat if you have one

Witches Potion Tuff Tray

On that day that I put this together we were quite lucky that one of our neighbour’s trees that hangs over into our garden had lost lots of petals from the flowers. We don’t have any flowers in our garden so this was ideal for us as we could collect up as many as we wanted. We also managed to pick a couple of wild flowers from close to our house as well although as you can see, we didn’t take many.

Witches Potion Tuff Tray

Witches Potion Tuff Tray

Some of our ‘props’ came from my stockpile for work. I have some things for different seasons to use in photos and I forgot all about the big Halloween sweet bowl that I had put away. I teamed this up with some plastic bats and spiders that I bought reduced from Sainsbury’s last year. It’s always good to check out your local store the day after an event or holiday because you can pick up some really good bargains.

Witches Potion Tuff Tray

Witches Potion Tuff Tray

I also had a couple of bottles of different coloured water made up from a different tuff tray so I mixed some of these together to get a bit of a disgusting colour. I recommend using a dark green, purple, red or black water for this tuff tray just because it suits the theme more. Erin likes to use quite a lot of water so I made sure I had some more mixed up and ready when she’d used up the jug full that I’d put on the table.

Witches Potion Tuff Tray

Witches Potion Tuff Tray

If I had thought about it beforehand I would have made up some potion sheets, with exact measurements needed to make different things. If you have a laminator you could do this and use them over and over again, teaching your little one about maths at the same time. The witches potion was one of our most played with tuff trays to date so I know it’s one that we’ll be doing again.

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Witches Potion Tuff Tray

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  1. I love these trays, lots of exciting ideas can be used on them. I love this idea too! Can I play 😀

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