5 Things To Consider When Planning A Wedding

5 Things To Consider When Planning A Wedding

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Shop in the sales

Weddings already cost a lot of money so if there are any areas where you can cut costs then it would be wise to do so. When John and I were planning our own wedding 6 years ago we bought a lot in the sales.

I wasn’t planning on having a big traditional wedding dress but I managed to find one in my size for half the price, which made it more affordable. If it hadn’t been for this reduction there’s no way I would have bought a dress like this. John bought his suit, including shoes, in a half price sale at M&S just after Christmas and we also bought all of our rings in sales as well.

These savings meant that we were able to get nicer than we might have done otherwise and we also saved money at the same time.


One thing that you can never recreate or replace from a wedding is the photographs. Of course, it’s important to consider a professional photographer for some of your photos but they can’t and won’t capture everything you probably want to remember. Wedding Photo Swap is an app that your wedding guests can use to share their own photos with you. By using this app you will be sure to get loads of photos from your guests that you might not have been able to see otherwise.

Do you really need it?

I think it’s easy to go overboard when planning a wedding and this is sometimes how costs can spiral out of control. Of course, we all want our wedding days to be perfect but there’s a lot that you could probably do without.

Huge centerpieces on guest’s tables could probably either be made smaller or maybe be made by yourself if you’re a crafty kind of person. In the same way, wedding favours really aren’t needed and while your guests might like them, I doubt they would complain if there wasn’t any. You could forego having an engagement party to be able to spend more money on the wedding (or put towards the honeymoon).

There are so many things that you could cut out of your wedding and it won’t affect the amazing day you’re going to have.

Cut down the guest list

A huge guest list is one of the reasons that we got married in Orlando, Florida without any guests. It’s really easy to get carried away when putting together your guest list as sometimes you can feel the pressure to invite certain people. Do you really need to invite your mother’s cousin’s brother’s son? You get the picture. It can be hard to say no to extended family but why should you have to pay out in meals etc. for people who you probably haven’t seen or heard from in a number of years.

Save the date cards

I’m not suggesting you get rid of save the date cards completely as I actually think these are a nice way to announce the date of your wedding and it’s helps people plan their time. In a bid to help the environment, and to save yourself money, you could send out emails instead of actual cards. This way, you could send out to all of your guests in one go without having to spend hours writing our names and addresses!

What things do you think you could do without at a wedding?


5 Things To Consider When Planning A Wedding

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