5 Things To Do In Dubai For Families

5 Things To Do In Dubai For Families

You may have noticed that we have just come back from a holiday abroad but that doesn’t stop me thinking about where else I might like to go if I got the chance. It seems like holidays to Dubai in 2018 are quite popular so I’ve been looking in to what we could do there as a family. Here are some ideas:


I know we have a Kidzania in London but we haven’t had the chance to take Erin yet as she’s been too young each time we visited the city. However, Kidzania Dubai advertises being suitable for children aged 1 and up and there is loads to do for everyone. Sometimes when we’re on holiday and in a new place we want somewhere to get away from the heat and we also want somewhere for Erin to play safely and have fun. Kidzania may not be your average tourist attraction but it’s definitely somewhere I’d want to take Erin.

Dubai Aquarium

I’m not sure who would be more interested in the aquarium, me or Erin. I love going to zoos and aquariums so this would be right at the top of my ‘to visit’ list. The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is located at the Dubai Mall which seems to be something to visit on it’s own as well. The Dubai Aquarium is home to ‘King Croc’, one of the largest in the world and you can also book loads of interesting and cool activities like helping to feed certain species of fish!

Children’s City Museum

We love to take Erin somewhere educational if we can and this seems like the perfect place. Children for all ages are catered for with there being a toddler area, planetarium, nature center and loads of workshops and activities. I think somewhere like this is great for letting children learn about the place they are visiting and also the culture there.

Dubai Miracle Garden

At the moment, Erin is absolutely obsessed with flowers and the Dubai Miracle Garden is the world’s biggest nature garden. With the garden being open from 9am to 9pm most days and even later on weekends you can go at any time of the day and enjoy millions of flowers. Not only would Erin love it but just imagine how beautiful your photos would be.

The Beach!

If all else fails then Dubai has plenty of free beaches to visit. Most children love the beach and this is also a great way to spend the day as a family. Some beaches are private though so it would be worth doing some research before your trip and figuring out where the best place is for you and your family.

Have you been to Dubai? Where would you recommend for families if you have?

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post. All opinions are our own.  


5 Things To Do In Dubai For Families

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