5 Tips For Renting With Pets

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We might have bought our very first house 5 years ago now but before then both John and I have rented in various different places. There are so many different things to look for when choosing a rented property, especially if you have pets, so I thought I would share some of my tips!

Start looking early

One of the biggest problems with trying to rent with pets is that a lot of landlords or agencies just wont accept tenants with pets. There is a large rental market but if you are restricting your options then properties could well get snapped up quickly as they will be in high demand. Ensuring that you start your search early will give you a good chance of finding somewhere suitable for you and your pets.

Additional deposit

Renting a property generally means that you need to pay a deposit beforehand. When you rent with pets you can sometimes expect to pay an additional deposit to cover anything that might happen. Landlord insurance wont cover any damage your pets might to do the furnishings or other areas of the property so they will want a contingency should anything go wrong.

Get a reference

I know this might sound a bit out there but bare with me. If you are renting a new property then one thing you always need is a reference from your previous landlord. They want to know that you are going to look after their property, that you paid rent on time and that there was no problems during your tenancy.

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Offer a deep clean

When your tenancy ends it’s expected that you will leave the property in good condition. Obviously, any damage or excess dirt can be costly to sort out for the landlord and any costs will come out of your deposit. With pets there is a larger chance of things being in disrepair etc. and it would be worth offering a deep clean on the property before you move out. This might make the landlord more at ease about renting to someone with a pet. You could also consider an end of tenancy cleaning by Cleandy, to ensure everything is cleaned to a really high standard.

Written contract

Maybe you’re already renting a property and want to get a pet. This might be something that was in your original agreement with the landlord or agency. If you have already agreed that you can move in a pet then it’s a good idea to get this in writing. Without this, the landlord could charge you for all kinds of different things or at the very worst, evict you for breaking a contract. Having the pet agreed in writing will cover your back for any issues that might arise.

Have you rented with pets before? Do you have any tips?


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