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5 Ways To Keep Your Home Clean During A Renovation

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Still, the final results should be more than worth it, provided you have been wise about the renovation. Here are some tips to help you plan a renovation if you’re thinking about your next home project. 

Keeping your home clean in its entirety will be difficult. However, there are things you can do to reduce the need for a large-scale clean-up after work has been completed. 

#1: Empty the renovation area

The less stuff there is in the renovation area, the less you will have to clean later. It’s common sense, so remove anything you realistically can. Not only will you keep these belongings clean but you will also protect them from harm, especially if your renovation project involves a lot of construction work. Move your belongings to a spare room or your garage if you have the space, or consider a self-storage facility if space is at a minimum. 

#2: Cover things up

For the items that can’t be removed, find something to cover them with. Most hardware stores sell large plastic sheets so purchase as much as you can, or use any coverings you already own. Again, you will have less to clean if your belongings are protected, and you will prevent the finish on any furniture from getting dulled once dust starts flying around. 

#3: Create a path

To prevent dirty footprints on your carpets, create a path made up of old carpet strips or heavy canvas tarps. Lead it from the work area to the front door and remind your contractors (or your family if they are helping) that they need to stick to this path when moving to and fro. When work has been completed for the day, you can simply pull your makeshift path outside and give it a good shake to remove any debris. 

#4: Have a shoes-off rule

Shoes (or work boots) should be worn in the renovation area, of course, as there could be all kinds of sharp objects underfoot. But when people need to enter another room, such as the bathroom or kitchen areas, you should remind them to take their shoes off if there isn’t a makeshift path leading the way. Most contractors will be happy to comply, but remind them of the cleaning bill you might otherwise hand to them if they complain about following your household rules!

#5: Have a daily cleanup

Hopefully, the cleanup will only have to take place in the renovation area. If you have followed the last two steps, this should be the case. Keep on top of any mess by vacuuming and dusting affected areas. By doing so, you reduce the risk of dirt spreading if people do enter that room later in the day. You will also save yourself a lot of time and extra effort, as your cleanup will be harder to manage if you wait until the end of the renovation project. 

So, there we have it. 5 ways to keep your home clean during a renovation! These are all common-sense tips we know, but it’s always useful to have a little reminder.

Take care and thanks for reading!

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