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5 Ways To Remove Bad Smells In Your Home

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Given how much time you spend at home, the last thing you want is for the place to smell bad. Unfortunately, odours can occur for all sorts of reasons, and they can really bring the atmosphere down.

If your house currently smells far from fresh, you might want to consider these five tips to get rid of those awful aromas.

Hang Your Towels Properly

Musty smelling towels can make your bathroom an unpleasant place to be sometimes. Thankfully, there’s a lot you can do to improve the condition of your towels so that such aromas are a thing of the past.

For one, you can ensure that they’re always hung up correctly so that they air out after each use. This way, you reduce the likelihood of mould developing and causing that musty smell in the first place. Washing your towels regularly, and doing so with different methods, can help too.

Clean Your Bin

It’s natural for the bin to smell bad from time to time, given its purpose. However, taking the rubbish outside doesn’t always fix the odour problem because it’s the receptacle itself that smells terrible.

In this instance, the best solution is to sprinkle some bicarbonate of soda in the bin and spray the area with disinfectant. After wiping it clean, your bin should smell a lot more appealing, or at the very least, not have an unpleasant aroma anymore.

Hire A Drain Engineer

Foul odours in your home could be down to your drains, in which case, you’ll want to hire an engineer to check it out. For those based in London, you can find expert help at Whether you’ve got a blockage, breakage, or some other problem, they’ll be able to identify it and agree to a cost-effective solution with you.

Drain smells are some of the hardest to get rid of by yourself, so it’s definitely worth consulting with a professional on this one.

Open Your Closet Doors

When you pull an outfit out of your wardrobe, the last thing you want is to be put off by its smell. Unfortunately, clothes can often develop odours when they’re left in here too long. That’s because the wardrobe traps the moisture inside, allowing unpleasant scents to build up.

To combat this, it’s worth keeping your wardrobe doors open as often as possible. If you feel this would look too weird, you can always try putting a dehumidifier inside it instead. That way, you don’t have to worry about any moisture making your clothes feel damp and smell bad.

Wipe Down Your Fridge

Given the vast assortment of food you might keep in your fridge, it’s easy for this appliance to start smelling a little questionable. Thankfully, you can employ a few handy cleaning tips to ensure that the aroma never becomes too pungent.

Whether leaving a container of bicarbonate of soda in the fridge or just wiping the inside down regularly, it’s easy to keep things smelling clean. If you buy a lot of foods that have rich aromas, though, you may just have to accept that your fridge will often have a strong scent.

Your house is full of smells, not all of them good. With these tips at your disposal, though, ridding your home of unpleasant aromas should be a piece of cake.

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