5 ways to transform your bedroom this summer

5 ways to transform your bedroom this summer

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In the summer I find that my bedroom is somewhere I want to escape to at times, for it to be somewhere to relax away from everything else. However, with the heat of summer, you might want to make a few changes to make it a nicer room.

Embrace light colours

One easy way to make a room feel lighter and cooler is to learn to embrace light colours. Pale colours on your walls can really make a massive difference to the feel of the room and if you go for paint, it’s something you can change relatively easily and cheaply. Light doesn’t have to mean white though; think pale yellow or maybe mint green as alternatives.

Change the furniture

Something that can stress me out about any room is too much clutter. This can make a room hard to relax in as there always seems to be something to think about. Replacing your old cupboards and wardrobes could not only change up the look of your room but they could end up adding a lot more storage.

There are so many options available and each room needs something that suits it perfectly. Consider what you might need to make the room work better for you. Look here for ideas for bespoke wardrobes with sliding doors, which could be great space savers.


Going back to the clutter in a room causing stress… summer is a great time to sort this out. Summer means car boot sales going on most weekends or, if you don’t have a car, you could always try to sell on your local Facebook groups or on Vinted. Not only will you make some more space for yourself but you can also earn money to help pay for any changes you want to make to your bedroom.

Update your bedding

A really quick and easy way to give your bedroom a new feel is to change your bedding. In summer it’s a good idea to swap a thick, winter duvet for something thinner and cooler but you can also think about changing your duvet and pillow covers. Cotton bedding breaths much better than other materials and this can help to keep you cooler at night as well.

Grown-ups only

When you have a family it can seem like every room in the house is taken over by your children’s things. Think toys and clothes everywhere. This summer, consider transforming your bedroom into a grown-ups only room. Once you have removed anything of the kids you can work on making it a relaxing place for you. Maybe add some new lights, some fresh flowers or light a scented candle before bed (remembering to put it out of course).

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