Summer activities for the whole family from Books2Door

Summer activities for the whole family from Books2Door

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With schools breaking up for summer this week I’m sure a lot of parents are wondering how they’re going to keep their children occupied for the next 6 weeks. If you’re anything like me then you’ll be looking for things for them to do!

Somewhere you might not have thought about before for activities is Books2Door. When I first started shopping with them, it was more for things like picture books for Erin and we’ve now moved on to chapter books. Books2Door offer their books at bargain prices so you can find some great deal, especially on sets of books.

However, I recently learned that Books2Door offer so much more than fiction books. There are also lots of options in the non-fiction category including activity books for both children and adults. I’ve picked a selection to show you!

Never Get Bored Outdoors

We hate being stuck inside during the summer, especially on a nice day but it can sometimes be difficult to think of things to do. Never Get Bored Outdoors is aimed at children age 6+ and the book is filled with all kinds of ideas for things to do outside.

Never Get Bored Outdoors

What I love about this book is how varied it is, meaning there’s bound to be something that most children will enjoy doing. Of course, with a book like this your child might not want to do all of the activities but it’s definitely a great starting point. Some activities include quizzes, mazes, looking for certain birds and even trying to draw some of the things you find outdoors.

Backpack Activity Book and Wordsearch Book

Over the course of the summer holidays Erin and I will be spending quite a bit of time on trains thanks to us having some adventures just the two of us. One of our journeys is about 3.5 hours in total and I think maybe the longest Erin has been on a train since she was a baby (and slept through it).

With this in mind, I wanted to get both me and Erin some activities to do on the train; I’m going to be set for ages with The Great Book of Wordsearch. The Backpack Activity Book is a great choice for Erin as it has a bit of everything in it. Think puzzles, maths problems to solve, learning how to draw and finding the odd one out… just to name a few different activities that you’ll find.

Pokemon Ultimate Creative Colouring

Some children are happy to spend hours and hours colouring. Erin’s a huge Pokemon fan so I knew immediately that she would love this Ultimate Creative Colouring. The pages are a mix of Pokemon scenes as well as quite intricate repeated images. It’s great that children (or adults) can sit and work on a picture for as long as they like and maybe come back to it later if they want to.

Clever Kids book bundle

Last, but certainly not least, I really love this set of ‘for clever kids’ books. There’s a real range here with things like brain games, wordsearches, maths games and travel puzzles. This set of books is aimed at children age 6+ and while some of it might be too difficult for Erin right now, there are things we can work on and figure out together.

Shipping from Books2Door

With a brand new delivery service, Books2Door PLUS+, you can now pay a one off fee per year and receive free delivery for the next 12 months. Gold+ is £9.95 and gives you express shipping in 1-2 days while Silver+ is £6.95 and gives you standard 3-5 day delivery. This is such a good option if you shop with Books2Door a couple of times and you’ll know you’ll receive your order quickly.


Summer activities for the whole family from Books2Door

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