6 Crafts For Kids To Do This Summer

6 Crafts For Kids To Do This Summer

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We’re half way through the summer holidays and I’ll be honest, I’m running out of ideas of things to do with Erin at home. While we have had some fantastic days out to places like Holt Country Park and Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure, I have tried to make sure that we have some ‘at home’ days to relax a bit and do some things that aren’t quite as exhausting.

One of Erin’s absolute favourite crafty type thing to do at home is what we call ‘sticking’. I have a couple of boxes of craft items and paper and we have a fantastic round metal tray we found at a charity shop that cost £1. The tray has a middle section and the other sections around the edge and this is where we put all of the different pieces. I keep the tray all ready to go on a shelf so that when Erin wants to do ‘sticking’ it doesn’t take long to set up.

Recently, Erin has taken to making handbags with paper and pipe cleaners and she also really likes making strange shapes with paper now that she has figured out how to use sellotape. Sometimes Erin struggles a little bit with thinking of what she wants to make so we try to come up with something together. She’s such a creative girl and once she gets going, she knows exactly how she wants things to be.

Now that Erin likes to spend time being creative and getting stuck in I am always looking for new ideas for things for us to do together, be it crafting with paper or even trying to knit something from Stitchin’ Heaven.. There are some great ideas on the infographic below. My personal favourite is the homemade bunting and I know this is something that Erin would enjoy doing. Obviously I would need to help with gluing the string but we could have a lot of fun cutting out the triangles and then decorating each one. A craft like this is something that can be done on the same day if your child has the patience or you could spend a few different sessions decorating the triangles. I think something like this would really help Erin to feel like she’s done something she likes for her own bedroom and she’d be able to look at it all the time.

You can head over to rainbowchalk.com for some more ideas and to see some of the finished products!


6 Crafts For Kids To Do This Summer

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