6 Less Known but No Less Exciting Ways to Spend a Winter Break for College Students

The fall semester is coming to an end, and it is time to think about winter break. This is a great period to relax, catch up with friends and family, and explore other cities or countries. The majority of students prefer to go home for the winter holidays, and it is amazing to spend holidays with loved ones. However, it is not the only opportunity. 

Here are some other ideas of what students can do on their winter break.

Plan Road Tripping with Friends

This is a cheap way to explore new cities and have fun. Of course, it is better to do somewhere where the winter is quite mild, and there is not too much snow on the roads. Take one or two friends with you not to get bored and to look for each other and go for an adventure.

There are many affordable hostels and motels and a lot to see. It is also cool to connect with friends by sharing a common experience. Another benefit – you can go somewhere you’ve always wanted too. The only consideration is to take warm clothes with you and follow the winter driving guidelines.

Study Abroad

Of course, the break is for relaxing, and you probably do not want to get overloaded with dull stuff like rhetorical analysis essay or other types of college work. However, for those who cannot afford travelling on their own, this is a great way to get almost the same experience. 

There are short study programs that do not take the whole term and allow visiting other countries and meeting new people.

First of all, it is a fascinating opportunity to expand your knowledge and worldview. Secondly, it will be beneficial for your future profession. And thirdly, it is simply fun to go to another country even for a couple of weeks. 

Learn about such programs at your institution or search for them online to find a suitable one.

Travel to Europe

You might think that this is not for everyone, but travelling all over Europe with a backpack is pretty cheap. The most expensive thing is a plane ticket; otherwise, there are many possibilities. First of all, this is a great way to see new countries and enjoy cultural and historical places.

Europe is relatively small so a person can visit several countries in one trip, travelling by bus or train. There are lots to see and enjoy, especially during holidays. You can start planning the trip earlier to visit amazing European winter festivals and attractions.

Catch up with Siblings

If you are staying in your hometown for the holidays, it is not the end of the world. 

You probably know a lot of enjoyable things to do there. But what you might not realise is how much you might have missed younger siblings. And they missed you too, so it is a great time to catch up. Any city has winter light installations and ski parks, so you can go there together.

Another affordable option is the cinema, playing outdoor games or even staying at home and having dinner together. After all, the holiday season is a family time, so enjoy it together as you have the opportunity.

Short-Term Internship

If you want to stay productive even on holidays, it is also a good thing. You can consider a short internship in the field of your interest. There is a relatively smaller competition than during the summer season. And it might be a way to earn some extra cash while getting experience.

Search for opportunities in your city and prepare for an interview. You can also job shadow if you are not interested in internships. The main benefit is that you are getting a pretty clear idea of what your major is all about. 

You get to have a grip on the actual working process and tasks. And you can also meet highly-qualified professionals to learn from and maybe get recommendations in the future.


There are numerous possibilities in your area or even outside the country. You can help local volunteer organisations or go abroad; it is up to you. One might also consider helping the local animal shelter with some tasks like walking the dogs.

It is a way to give to those who are less fortunate and make a little Christmas miracle for someone. You can also have a fantastic time and meet people that might become your friends.

Final Words

Winter break is a splendid time of joy, rest, and holidays. One might go visit family and have a great time doing nothing. 

Others want to stay productive and get benefits from an internship, studying abroad, or helping others. The opportunities are diverse, and you can choose what is suitable for you – skiing in hometown, going road tripping to Florida, or even backpacking all over Europe.


6 Less Known but No Less Exciting Ways to Spend a Winter Break for College Students

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