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7 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day from Home

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With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, you may be wondering whether it’s worth celebrating at all while we remain in lockdown. It’s difficult igniting a romantic vibe when you’re stuck at home, whether you’re living together or in separate households. However, there are still many ways you can mark the occasion.

Of course, you could choose the classic at-home date night of binge-watching a Netflix show and ordering a takeaway. However, if you’re looking for something a bit different, here are seven creative ways to celebrate the day of love.  

1) Make small gestures 

Showing somebody how much they mean to you doesn’t have to involve expensive gifts. It’s often the simplest gestures that make the biggest impact. Let them lay in while you prepare breakfast in bed or do some extra household chores. If you have children, take them out for a walk to give your partner some relaxing me-time. 

2) Book a virtual cocktail masterclass 

Although you can’t go to a bar, you can bring the bar to you with an online cocktail making class. You can have fun trying something new and enjoy some delicious drinks. This event is also something you could get involved in from different locations if you don’t live together. 

3) Recreate the restaurant experience 

A common way to spend Valentine’s is to get dinner at a restaurant or have brunch at a cosy café, this year you could transform your home into a romantic eatery.

Start by decorating the dining table with rose petals, fairy lights, an elegant tablecloth, and a handwritten menu. Then prepare a feast of your favourite foods, either as a surprise or together. You could even order a DIY meal kit from a posh restaurant. Instead of wearing loungewear, get dressed up for the occasion, as if you were dining out. 

If you don’t live together, you can still replicate this through a video call. Create a romantic background with twinkly lights, wear your best, and eat together virtually. 

4) Light a firework display 

To make the occasion unforgettable, surprise your partner with a stunning firework display in your back garden. The fireworks retailer, Fireworks Kingdom, has a range of impressive fireworks for sale, including romantic pink and red fireworks and love heart-themed rockets. You could even use a gold ring shaped rocket to help you pop the question. 

However, ensure you follow any safety measures that are required when lighting fireworks at home.

5) Reminisce on your time together 

If you store all your photographs as a couple on your phone, print off a selection to put into a scrapbook, photo album, or frame. To take the memorabilia gift even further, print out your text messages to each other and add them into a scrapbook.

6) Virtual live shows

Although you can’t attend live shows at the moment, you can still enjoy some performances virtually. You can now get tickets to watch many theatre productions, music concerts, and comedy sketches online, so you don’t have to miss out on the entertainment.  

7) Get cultured 

From the comfort of your sofa, you can digitally stroll through some of the most exquisite museum and art galleries in the world with virtual tours. 

Although typical date nights may be off-limits for a while, there are still plenty of ways you can make Valentine’s Day special from your home. Even if you don’t usually acknowledge the occasion, it’s a great excuse to celebrate, find joy, and have fun during these strange times. 

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