A family pub lunch at The King’s Head, Wroxham

Being a non-driving family we always like to find places in Norfolk that we can get to either by bus or train. One of our favourite places to visit is Wroxham as it’s only a 10 minute train ride away and then a short walk into town. Usually, when we go here we have a McDonald’s and then feed the ducks but this time we did something different. We booked a pub lunch at The King’s Head.

The King’s Head can be found right in the center of town and only a 5 minute walk away from the train station. This is great for us as it means Erin doesn’t have to walk too far or wait too long until we can go for food. We booked our table online which was really simple and easy to do. You enter The King’s Head through the car park and have people welcoming guests outside and different lines for pre-booked tables and walk ins.

We were asked if we wanted to sit outside or inside and although it was a beautiful day we opted to sit inside. I don’t particularly like eating outside but there was plenty of tables if we had wanted to. When we left, these were really full but the inside of the restaurant was quite empty, and this suited us just fine.

Due to COVID, everything is table service only at The King’s Head and we were asked if we could order on the app. We didn’t mind this at all but staff were also happy to take orders instead if you didn’t want to. I think this is becoming quite normal now though so it’s something we’re trying to get used to. We were also given a paper menu but everything can also be seen on the app, including anything that’s not currently available which I thought was really helpful.

We did encounter one issue with the app though and that was when ordering Erin’s meal. On the paper menu it said there was a meal deal which included a drink, main and dessert but the app didn’t mention this so we ended up missing out. However, when we asked staff the man in charge was very accommodating and sorted everything out for us without any trouble whatsoever. Erin’s dessert would have only cost us £2 I think but the service went a long way with me.

For our main meals we took advantage of an offer that runs from Monday to Saturday; 2 classic pub meals for £13.49. I chose the gammon with chips and pineapple, John went for beef and ale pie with mash and veg and Erin had sausages, chips and beans (£3.49 on it’s own). We were having lunch at around 11:45 so our food didn’t take very long at all as the pub wasn’t too busy yet.

Erin absolutely demolished her meal, something she doesn’t always do when we go out to eat so that’s a real statement about how much she enjoyed it. We haven’t been out for a pub meal for quite some time and she’s already asked when we can go again. John and I also thoroughly enjoyed both of our meals and the portions were great, especially considering the offer price.

We also decided to treat ourselves to dessert as well, seeing as Erin was having one anyway. John and I both chose chocolate fudge cake and it was a pretty good choice too. Erin’s brownie and ice cream was just the right size for her and she would have licked the plate if I would have let her.

We thoroughly enjoyed all of our meals and are already looking for a return visit with other family members on another day.


A family pub lunch at The King’s Head, Wroxham

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  1. That looks like a great deal for the two main meals. The food looks good and decent portion sizes. It’s great when a child demolishes a meal. Sounds like a lovely pub!

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