A family Valentine’s Day

John and I have never been too big on Valentine’s Day. I remember doing something the first year that we were together but not since then. I think John is more into Valentine’s Day than I am or he would be if we had spare money to celebrate with. I always think there are better things to spend money on than restaurants putting their prices up or a bouquet of red roses that will only die in a couple of days. Romantic thoughts, I know!

Today was the first Valentine’s Day that John and I have spent as a family with Erin. We have honestly done nothing romantic at all. Although we don’t do anything special for Valentine’s Day we did give each other cards (I didn’t write John’s until 5:30pm!). My mum has been staying all week and she went home this morning so things started off with a trip to the train station. John did watch the dog and look after Erin when we got back though so I could have a bath for an hour in peace which was absolutely wonderful! 2016-02-14 17.57.50

Sunday is sometimes the only day John and I get off together if it’s in a week when John works overtime on a Saturday so we like to relax/ get caught up on things around the house. Our Valentine’s Day has been spent cooking up some lunches for John next week, ironing and sorting out the rabbit hutches and the garden. I say ‘our’ Valentine’s Day but I only did the lunches while John has done everything else. He’s so good to give me a day of being lazy on the couch cuddling Erin and catching up with things online! It’s been freezing tonight so we have had the fire going which I guess is romantic in theory.

2016-02-14 17.57.52

Has Valentine’s Day changed significantly since having a family or do you still manage to do something special for just the two of you?

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