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Achieving The Workplace Balance: Four Tips

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Regardless of whether you live to work or work to live, it’s not healthy to let work take over your entire life, so it’s important to find a balance during office hours. Even if you own your own business or you’re just extremely passionate about what you do, it’s better for your health and productivity if you’re strict with yourself and don’t get too carried away. While going the extra mile and staying late is always admired during times of crisis, it should not become the everyday norm. Follow these four tips when structuring your day at work to make the most out of the hours you have available, giving you the opportunity to spend more time doing what you love when five o’clock comes around. 

Always Take A Lunch Break

Skipping your lunch break is often seen as a badge of honour in the workplace, but it certainly won’t be doing you any good if it becomes the everyday norm, it’s important to step away from your desk for an hour and refuel your body and mind for the afternoon. Avoid screen time during your break and opt for activities that you enjoy instead. Have your favourite book to hand for some lunch break reading or arrange to meet a friend for a coffee, whatever takes your fancy on the day, it’s important to get some headspace away from your colleagues. 

Aim to Leave Work On Time

It’s not always possible if your work is unpredictable, but you should always aim to put down your working tools and leave the office on time when you can. Yes, sometimes a crisis will hold you back, or a client will call at the end of the day, but it’s sensible to put measures in place to avoid staying late. Your extra efforts may get you ahead of the game at work but will be having a negative effect on your home and social life. Try to end your daily tasks half an hour before you’re due to leave and focus on writing a ‘to-do list’ for the following day. It’s a great way to close your mind off from work and start tomorrow in a positive way. A desk alarm clock could be the perfect accessory to help you here. 

Walk Away From Your Desk At Regular Intervals

Sitting at your desk all day is terrible for your posture and physical health, so make sure you’re standing up and walking around at regular intervals throughout the day. Take a quick break and step outside to use your vaporiser or make all of your colleagues a much-needed brew, whatever is needed to stand up and stretch your legs will suffice. 

Try Not To Get Distracted

Procrastinating at work will not be doing you any good and will most likely result in stress and aggravation at the end of the day. If you haven’t completed the necessary tasks on time, you’ll probably end up staying late or taking your work home with you which is never a good idea as you really need a proper break. Try not to get too distracted at work and keep your head down and focused on the task in hand during the hours you’re there. You’ll find your efficiency levels increase and stress levels decrease as you complete projects in a timely manner. This will enable you to leave work at work and enough your free time to its full potential with family and friends.


Achieving The Workplace Balance: Four Tips

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