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Arthur Price Despicable Me 3 Crockery and Cutlery Review

I have to be honest and say it took me a little while to get into Despicable Me and the whole Minions craze. However, I bloody love them and their mischievous little ways. Erin doesn’t actually know what a Minion is yet or what Despicable Me is either. However, she’s nearly 2 and we’re starting to introduce slightly more grown up crockery to her and we try to get her to use cutlery at each meal. What better way to learn than with some amazing Arthur Price Despicable Me 3 sets..

First up is the ‘Sea of Minions’ children’s set. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t mind using these myself. The set, costing £24.95 comes with a plate, bowl and mug but each piece is available separately as well. The whole set is made from bone china and you can tell immediately just how good the quality is.

The design of this set is really wonderful. As you can see from the pictures, each piece is full of minions, hence the name of the collection. It worries me slightly that Erin may try to throw these across the room and break them. Only time will tell!

The whole set is dishwasher safe.

We also received an ‘Expressions’ set of Despicable Me 3 cutlery and I a so in love with it. I think it’s important for children to have fun cutlery and crockery when they eat to make meal times more fun. Erin is able to look at the Minions on the bottom of each piece while she tries to feed herself.

The cutlery has a lovely feel to it and is made from stainless steel. Unlike some cutlery for children, this is not too chunky and it is easy to hold. Being such good quality, I was expecting the cutlery to be a lot heavier than it is but it’s actually surprisingly light. Erin is able to hold each piece without it getting too heavy for her!

To keep the cutlery in the best condition it’s recommended that you hand wash only although they are dishwasher safe.

The Arthur Price Despicable Me 3 range would make an absolutely wonderful gift for any Despicable Me or Minions fan. The quality is amazing and will last a long time… as long as the children are careful with it. If anything other than the children breaking them were to happen though, Arthur Price have a fantastic 15 year guarantee on both sets!

If you haven’t heard of Arthur Price before, you’re missing out! They do a wonderful range of children’s items as well as beautiful adult cutlery set and gifts.

Disclaimer: We received Arthur Price Despicable Me 3 items for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own.

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