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BABY born Soft Touch Doll And Accessories Review

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At some point or another Erin was very kindly passed down a couple of dolls from one of my Mum’s friends. Erin was thrilled with them and loved playing with them but she’s very perceptive and knew that certain things just didn’t go together. Erin really wanted a doll that came with their own things and their own clothes. Erin was very kindly sent a lovely bundle from BABY born, which included the BABY born Soft Touch Doll and accessories, and excited doesn’t even begin to cover how she felt about it.

BABY born soft touch doll

Erin was sent the 43cm BABY born Soft Touch Doll and it came in a sort of starter pack which I thought was a really good idea. Inside the box was the doll, bodysuit and matching hat, bowl and spoon with a portion of porridge, bottle, dummy with clip and chain, birth certificate and matching friendship bracelets. We very quickly gave the doll a name so she’s now called ‘Emily’.

BABY born Soft Touch Doll

The first thing I noticed about the doll was how nice it felt compared to dolls I remember as a child myself. The BABY born soft touch doll is designed to look lifelike and you can immediately feel that it’s a good quality product. The doll has plenty of features that make it as realistic as possible such as eyes that close, controlled wees and poos, ability to eat special food and arms and legs that move.

Erin giving the BABY born Soft Touch Doll a bottle

Erin wasted no time in making sure that Emily was okay and that she had everything she needed. First up was filling up Emily’s bottle so that she could have a drink. Emily can drink real water and Erin was pretty amazed by this. Her old dolls didn’t do anything like this so she loved being able to treat the doll like a real baby.

Erin feeding the BABY born Soft Touch Doll

As well as being able to drink water, the doll can also eat food. BABY born have special packets of food (you get 1 with the doll) that the doll can actually eat. I really like that the food bowl and spoon are included with the initial accessories that you get with the BABY born Soft Touch Doll. Erin spent a long time feeding Emily and I think it was one of her favourite things to do with her.

Erin changing the BABY born Soft Touch Doll's nappy

Erin on the potty with the BABY born Soft Touch Doll

Another feature that we loved was that Emily can actually use the potty and soil her nappy. After the doll has been given clear water or the specifically designed baby food you can get it to have a wee or a poo by pressing it’s stomach. This is something that Erin will need a bit of help with at the minute and also, supervision is a good idea because who knows where water could end up otherwise!

Erin asleep with the BABY born Soft Touch Doll

Seeing how Erin played with the BABY born Soft Touch Doll was a really lovely thing to watch. She declared that she was a Mummy now so had to take care of her baby and wanted to make sure she had absolutely everything she needed, including a nap in her bed!

Clothes and accessories

Even though the doll came with plenty of accessories that Erin had so much fun with, it was nice to also be sent some extra outfits and shoes. Erin obviously knows that she doesn’t wear the same thing every day so why should the doll.

BABY born Trend Baby Dresses

Erin wanted to change Emily immediately when she saw that we were sent one of the Trend Baby Dresses. The dress comes with matching shorts to wear underneath and I really like the bright colours of the outfit. Erin told me it was a dress for holidays and it certainly looks that way.

BABY born bathrobe

The BABY born Soft Touch Doll can have real baths so what better than to have a bathrobe to help keep her dry afterwards. Now that Erin knows that the doll can have a bath, and that we can get one specifically for her, it’s right at the top of the list of things we need to get next. The bathrobe is really lovely and soft and the design is super cute as well.

BABY born trend sneakers

Lastly, we were also sent a pair of the Trend Sneakers. I personally think that these are just adorable and a lovely finishing touch to some of the outfits that are available. These do come with a small gold ‘clip’ accessory on each shoe but unfortunately they come off really easily so we’ve taken them off completely now instead of putting them back on a million times.

One of the best things about the BABY born Soft Touch Doll is that it doesn’t need batteries! I was quite surprised at this, considering the amount that it can do but so happy about it too.

Both Erin and myself are really impressed with the BABY born Soft Touch Doll and the accessories that we were sent. I didn’t think I was really a doll kind of person but I have to say that this one does so much more than I thought a doll could do and that makes it worth it for me. Erin is going to get hours and hours of playtime with Emily and that play will change every time we buy a new accessory for them!


BABY born Soft Touch Doll And Accessories Review

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  1. Oh that picture of them on the potty and in bed is just too cute!

    Definitely one to keep for her 18th.

    This looks like a great set, I know a little 5 year old who’d love it!

  2. Aww! What a lovely doll. It sounds like the perfect first doll for little one’s.
    It looks like Erin really loves it. That photo on the potty is just adorable x

  3. Sounds like a great doll and so many fun accessories! Love those trainers! Our son has never been into dolls but these ones seem really lifelike. Great practice for future parenthood 🙂 I definitely would have wanted one of these when I was little.

  4. What a great set of accessories. My boys both love their baby dolls – once we had a party for them and the dolls got presents to unwrap (i.e. more accessories)

  5. Aww, Erin looks like she has enjoyed ever minute playing with the lovely doll. I’ve had lots of baby born products and although they are quite expensive they have lasted well.

  6. This is lovely. I just love the shoes and the clothes. I’m going to get this for a Christening present.

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