Baby led weaning

When we decided to start weaning with Erin at 17 weeks we obviously started with purees. Baby led weaning wasn’t an option because she was so young. We started well before the recommended 6 month mark because of Erin’s reflux and it was definitely the right decision.

At 8 months old Erin has her own ideas about food. She’s an independant little bugger!

For the past month or so Erin has been showing so much interest in whatever me or her dad are eating. She looked desperate to have what we were having. Since that started I have been slowly introducing more and more finger foods and it has been going really well. However, she’s been showing less and less interest in purees because of it.

It was never my plan to do baby led weaning but it seems like we’re heading that way now. Erin is the happiest when she’s got a breadstick or a green bean in her hand.

Baby led weaning

Now, I know finger foods are not proper baby led weaning. However, Erin struggles with the soft and squidy things at the moment and doesn’t quite understand how to get this kind of thing into her mouth. I will keep trying different foods with her though. At the minute when we do have purees she’s reaching out for the bowl because she wants to do it herself! The bowl has nearly gone flying so many times!

Here’s what we plan on trying over the next few weeks:

Sweetcorn fritters


Broccoli and cauliflower bake

Cous cous fingers


Oat bars

Porridge fingers

Fish cakes

Does anyone have any fun recipe ideas for us to try or maybe some great websites/ blogs for this kind of thing! I’d love to hear any tips on baby led weaning and finger foods.

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  1. These all sounds like great ideas. You’ve given me a few things to try. I love the sound of cous cous fingers. I made savoury muffins the other day which my very nearly 9 month old loved x

  2. Oh I love the weaning stage! Both of my boys loved advocado mixed with banana. Looked gross but they loved it!!

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