Back to school with the Frugi Explorer Waterproof Coat

Back to school with the Frugi Explorer Waterproof Coat

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It’s less than 2 weeks until schools go back for the Autumn term here in Norfolk and to be honest, it doesn’t really feel like we had much of a proper summer at all. Sunny days have been few and far between and it won’t be long until we need thick jumpers and winter coats. Luckily, Erin has been kitted out in the Explorer Waterproof Coat from Frugi.

Why choose Frugi?

Frugi, a Cornish based, ethical children’s clothing and accessories company, have been one of my personal favourites since Erin was a baby. Not only do they offer really bright, colourful clothes with clever design such as reversible pieces or adjustable waistbands, but Frugi use organic, ethically sourced cotton as well as recycled materials.

Frugi Explorer Waterproof Coat

The Explorer Waterproof Coat

The Explorer Waterproof Coat comes in two different designs; Polar Bears or Rainbow Flight (colourful birds). Both designs are fantastic and they are exactly what I’d expect from Frugi; bold, bright and most importantly… fun. This is not just your average coat though as it comes with loads of cool and functional features.

Frugi Explorer Waterproof Coat

Warmth rating

Frugi’s outerwear range comes with various different warmth ratings. The Explorer Waterproof Coat is rated with 1 star which means light insulation and great for every day outdoor use. This is perfect for a back to school coat as it means children will stay warm and dry without getting too hot if they’re outside in the playground having fun.

Frugi Explorer Waterproof Coat

Dipped hem

Whenever we go out and about, especially in autumn and winter, Erin usually wants to sit down but never wants her bum to get wet. This coat has a dipped hem which will ensure little bottoms can stay both warm and dry no matter what the weather is like. From past adventures, I know that Erin is likely to sit on a wet bench or a damp log in the woods so I don’t need to worry about trousers or tights getting wet any more.

Frugi Explorer Waterproof Coat

Pull cord zip fastening

Although Erin can do up her own coats now that she’s nearly 6 she can still struggle at times. At school it’s important that Erin can do her coat up, and unzip it, by herself and the Explorer Waterproof Coat comes with a really handy pull cord on the zip. Erin is able to hold this easily to pull her zip up or down and it means she doesn’t have to ask teachers for help as much any more.

Frugi Explorer Waterproof Coat

Fluffy inside

The inside of the coat is made from recycled polyester, which runs all the way up to the hood and is also used inside the pockets. This polyester is made from recycled bottles (how cools that!) and to make a coat aged 5-6 it takes 36 bottles! The minute that Erin put the coat on she commented on how warm and snuggly it was and she knows that it’s going to be great to keep her warm on cold days.

Frugi Explorer Waterproof Coat

Reflective safety details

When looking for a coat for our children it’s not only important to keep them warm and dry but also safe. This coat has great reflective details such as stars on the front of the coat to help keep children safe while out in the dark. Little added details such as this are what makes Frugi such a good choice for children’s clothes!

Frugi Explorer Waterproof Coat

Matching accessories

If the gorgeous coat wasn’t enough then Frugi also offer a range of matching accessories which are really great for back to school. In the Polar Bear print you can also get items such as wellies and drinks bottles. The Adventurers Backpack stood out to me especially as we’re now getting Erin to carry some of her own things on days out and this would be perfect to go with her coat.

Ready for the cold weather

I’m so happy with Erin’s new Frugi Explorer Waterproof Coat. It ticks all of the boxes of what she needs in a coat for back to school and I now have the peace of mind knowing that she will be both warm and dry when having fun outside, no matter what the weather throws at us.


Back to school with the Frugi Explorer Waterproof coat

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