50 things to do in Norfolk before your child turns 5

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When you have children you want to bring them up the best that you can and provide a fun and stimulating environment for them. Something I personally found really hard, I think probably from when Erin was a baby, was thinking of things to do with her. I don’t think of myself as a natural and I don’t have the ideas that an early years teacher might have. Actually, I would say that I’m with a large percentage of parents who probably feel the same way.

“50 things to do before you’re 5“ is a project that was initially launched in Bradford to give parents free or low cost activities that they can do with their babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. Norfolk County Council have now brought the idea to Norfolk and it’s such a great resource, especially as it’s free and super easy to download.

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Although the app shares loads of fun things to do, the idea behind it all is that the activities are designed to help stimulate the brain and assist with language development. It’s so important to encourage a healthy, active lifestyle early on in life so that children get used to it from a young age.

Evidence shows that by engaging in activities such as those on the app, children will enter primary school much more ready to learn. Not only that but this can still have an impact in secondary school and the way that children approach learning. What I really love about the app is that the ideas are really simple and they really are free or super cheap. Some examples are things like going on a bug hunt, making art with natural things or even making a potion.

If you have children age 0-5 (or beyond) and want to encourage them to develop language and communication through play, interaction and rich experiences then download the app on Google Play or the App Store and see how many of the 50 things you can do together.


50 things to do in Norfolk before your child turns 5

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  1. Norfolk is lovely. The app sounds great. I’ll suggest it to my brother as he has a 2 year old. I think we already do many of the activities they suggest.

  2. That’s such a brilliant idea!! I think we can all do with help ideas wise whether we’re a natural or not…I do the same old stuff over and over so it’s great for an app like this to help 👍

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