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Erin has had a bit of a strange relationship with bath time in her 10 months. When she was newborn she absolutely hated baths. She would scream so loud that next door heard her. Then, she started to realise baths could be fun and that she could splash about. Now it’s all changed again!

In an attempt to make bath time more fun for Erin we turned to NubyUK for some help.

The first bath toys we tried were the Nuby Squirters Bath Time Toys. These are suitable from 3 months and cost £7.99 for a pack of 8. The squirters are a range of bright, colourful water animals that can squirt out water from their mouths.

Erin seems to favour the purple octopus but the blue shark is definitely my favourite!

Next up is the Baby Bath Foam Letters & Numbers By Nuby. These are aimed at children a bit older than Erin so I was slightly worried that she wouldn’t care too much about them. I was wrong though!

Erin loved chomping on the letters and numbers, and also chasing them around the bubbles. The other night John was placing them on the side of the bath and Erin was pulling them all off again!

Erin’s bath times have become a lot more fun since we started letting her have these toys to play with. She doesn’t cry quite as much apart from when she has to get out!

64 thoughts on “Making Bath Time Fun”

  1. When I bath my grandsons we have lots of bubbles and splashing of nanny, I also have some blowing bubbles that we have discovered they stick to their skin without popping and they can hold them too

  2. We love loads of bubbles. We love bath toys too. Bath is so good for play and learning. A great giveaway! x

  3. Bath time means lots of interaction in our house, we splash and play with lots of bubbles, my son loves making himself a bubble beard!

  4. My niece has a carrier bag full of toys ranging from cars to dolls. She also likes to make potions with my best conditioner.

  5. My little sister would love these, an 18 year age gap has led to most of my letters going missing! She loves playing at bathtime.

  6. My little girl was the same as Eric. She used to scream so much we were worried people would think we were hurting her. Once she got big enough to go in the big girl bath and had toys everything changed for her too. My little girl would love squirting bath toys as she loves to splash mammy and daddy during bath time.

  7. Grandson loves all his bath toys, watering can, teaset, squirty toys, he must have plenty of bubbles as well

  8. My little boy absolutely loves bubbles so we make sure there are plenty of those! Got to have toys and of course I let him splash about like crazy!

  9. We make bathtime fun by singing songs, using different bubble bath, fun soap of different shapes, using lots of toys and having a nice warm towel for when we have to get out!

  10. There are 2 main fun factors for my daughter:
    – plenty of bubbles to make beards and funny hair styles
    – squirty toys

  11. At the moment we have lots of empty bottles and cups for pouring water. My little one can spend a very long time having fun with these in the bath!

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