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When Tails.com got in touch and asked if Jackson would like to trial their food, of course, we said ‘woof woof’ or yes please in English!

Tails.com offer tailor-made dog kibbles, which is what sets them apart from other dog food companies. They understand that each dog is different and each dog has different needs. Because of that, Tails.com come up with a blend of food 100% tailored to your dog. This also means the price is tailored to your dog as well!

Tails.com make it really easy to get a mix of food to suit your dog’s needs. On their website they ask all kinds of questions such as the dog’s breed, age, exercise length and what treats they might have during the day, amongst other things. Dietary requirements are also taken into account. You can be assured that Tails.com cover all of your dog’s needs!

When Jackson’s food got delivered it came in two bags, which I much preferred over one big bag. It made it a lot easier for me to carry and also a lot easier to store. As the food is tailored to your dog (similar to nulo dog food), you also get information on how much to feed them and how often.

Jackson’s food came with a plastic measuring jug (which you fold together) and instructions on which settings to use, making sure he was fed the right amount each day. John and I both thought that it didn’t look like enough food for him, compared to what we had been feeding him. We feed Jackson one of these jug fulls twice a day!

Jackson has been eating the same food for well over a year now. I was a little worried about how he would take to a new brand of food.

As you can see from the pictures, he happily eats this new food. He also wants more when he is done! This isn’t because he’s still hungry though (although dogs are always hungry), it’s because he loves it!

Jackson’s 12.3kg of food, which should last him a month, costs us £25.25. This is more than what we used to pay for his food but I don’t think it’s overly expensive, especially for what you get.

The Tails.com website is so easy to use as well, which is always a bonus. You can choose when your deliveries of food are sent, you can pause your subscription if you like. You can also order more food if you need it.

Still not sure whether Tails.com food is for you and your dog? Why not try a two week trial for only £1 delivery. Use the code MEHIMTHEDOGANDABABY for your free trial!

Disclaimer: We were sent a month’s free trial of this product for review. All opinions are our own. 


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