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Best 5 Apps For New Mums In 2020

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Life as a new mom can be both exciting and fulfilling. You have just welcomed your new bundle of joy to the world, so it is only right to be overwhelmed by the thoughts of producing a new life. However, the joys of being a new mom can also be challenging in many ways. The first few days are usually the toughest because you are trying to make sure that your baby is perfectly healthy. But, it doesn’t end there as you need to begin to find ways to balance your life with your new mom role. Your life is no longer a priority as you channel all your efforts and resources towards the baby’s wellbeing. 

You should not have to neglect your wellbeing and productivity just because you are a new mom. This is why we have created a list of apps that will make being a new mom a walk in the park.

Baby Tracker 

As a new mom, you will need to keep an eye on every aspect of caring for your newborn. This is a hands-on task that requires you to keep proper records of care routines and medication (where necessary) to ensure that your baby is getting all that he needs. The baby Tracker app is very effective in this regard because it helps you keep track of daily records such as temperature, medication, feeding, exercise and others. With this app, you will never have to worry about missing any aspect of your child’s care. 

Sprout Baby

This is another app designed to organise and track your baby’s care routine. Sprout Baby will track everything from feeding to pumping, diaper change, sleep, hospital visits, medication and immunization and many more. The best feature on this app is its capability to create multiple profiles for mothers who have more than one toddler or newborn.  

Easy Recorder

If you want to keep voice notes of your baby’s progress, then you need to have a voice recording app. this app can be used to record voiceovers that can then be used for video recordings of your newborn. Record your baby’s first words or a milestone that you want to have on record. Also, if you happen to be a voiceover artist, the Easy Recorder app is a great way to keep you in the business while you are nursing. And you will be able to record demos to offer your services to clients and agencies on voquent.com.

Wonder Weeks

This is one of the most important apps on this list. Wonder Weeks is developed based on years of research into the development of newborns. This app helps lead you through every developmental stage of your newborn, especially in the first few months. The app is extremely user-friendly and the language is easy to understand.


New moms need to be healthy as they nurse their newborn. It is not easy to focus on your wellbeing and that of your child, and that is why you need an app that can track your daily activities and keep you fit. The Fitbit app is the best app for any new mom trying to get back in shape. One of the app’s best features is that it connects you with other users, which can act as a great source of motivation.


Best 5 Apps For New Mums In 2020

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