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My Best Holiday Photo

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John and I have been on a few holidays in the nearly 6 years we have been togehter. We were recently challenged to write a post based on our best holiday photo by Holiday Gems, who have so many places to choose from for holidays and it has been so much fun looking through old pictures and deciding which one I like the best.

I get rather snap happy when we’re on holiday, wanting to take photos so that we remember everything for as long as possible. Although we have been on some great holidays, there is one that will stick out for me before any other. In 2013 John and I went to Orlando, Florida to get married. Of course, I have to pick a photo from that holiday as our best!This photo is obviously from our wedding day, which was perfect in every way! We didn’t invite any family or friends and instead, spent the day with just the two of us. We always wanted our wedding day to be about celebrating our relationship and we didn’t want any of the stresses or decisions to get in the way of that.

Looking Back At Our Wedding With Motif

We got married at Cyprus Grove Estate House and it was beautiful! Just look at it! This photo is maybe not my absolute favourite that was taken, but it is certainly one of the most beautiful and I love it because it shows off where we got married. Every time I look at this photo, I remember what an amazing day we had. I would love to go back there one day, especially with Erin to show her where we got married.

Do you have a ‘best’ holiday photo?!

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