Bibetta Children's Placemat with Pocket

Bibetta Children’s Placemat with Pocket

Erin is a bit of a messy eater. We don’t use a high chair anymore and we quite often end up with food all over the dining table. We’ve recently been trying out the Bibetta Children’s Placemat with Pocket.

We have tried various other suction type mats before now, some of which stuck and some of which didn’t. The Bibetta placemat was a bit different so I was looking forward to seeing how Erin got on with this one.

The Bibetta placemat features a black, non-slip backing which is designed to keep it in place. It also as a small pocket on the front. There is no need for instructions with this as it’s as simple as placing it on a table and you’re ready to go.

As we sat Erin up to the table in her Mamas and Papas Baby Bud I was surprised that she wasn’t more interested in the placemat.  Normally she’s so curious about something new. Instead, she started off eating without thinking that anything was different.

Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for Erin to realise that there was a pocket where she kept dropping her food. Once she found the pocket she realised that she could lift things up. Needless to say, the placemat did not last long at all after this. It was off the table and on the floor within a couple of minutes.

What I did love about the placemat though was how easy it was to clean. You’re advised to wash the mat with hot water to get food off, clean with washing up liquid for stains and then rinse thoroughly! Cleaning the placemat this way made me feel a lot better about how clean it was rather than just giving it a quick wipe.

Although Erin and the placemat were not a match in heaven, that’s not to say that it won’t be perfect for another child.

Disclaimer: We received this placemat for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own. 

9 thoughts on “Bibetta Children’s Placemat with Pocket”

  1. This looks really useful, I so could have used something like this when my children were smaller as they caused such a mess at meal times. Shame it did not work for you but I imagine it is really useful for younger babies, especially when dining out and doing baby led weaning xx

  2. It’s a pity it wasn’t a hit with Erin. It does look like a great product and I’m sure there are mums out there who will love it x

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