Bibetta Star Changing Mat

Bibetta Star Changing Mat Review

It was a long time ago when we got rid of Erin’s traditional changing table in her nursery and also the changing mat we had in the house. I found both quickly took up too much space and they just got in the way. I have also found myself and Erin in situations where we could have done with a nice changing mat while we’ve been out and about. When the opportunity came up to try out the Bibetta Star Changing Mat, I jumped at the chance!

The Bibetta Star Changing Mat comes in three different colours and we chose black, because it is neutral and not too bright. The changing mat comes nicely folded into like a large envelope and there is a handle on the end which can be attached to the handle of a pushchair or pram. The size of the changing mat means it’s really easy to take out and about with you, whether it be in a changing bag or in the basket of the pushchair.

Bibetta Star Changing Mat

There is really some clever thinking behind this changing mat. It has a small pouch built into it which means you can add in a couple of nappies and a thin pack of wipes. If you’re only nipping out for a couple of hours and don’t need many supplies, this is perfect for keeping your load light.

Bibetta Star Changing Mat

One of the best things about the Bibetta Star Changing Mat is that it is made from neoprene material which means it is waterproof. When you have got a wriggly toddler this is really important. We have had a couple of accidents and the changing mat is so easy to clean, ready to use again.

As I said earlier, we have been caught out a couple of times when we’ve been on days out. We have ended up somewhere without changing facilities, or at the park, when Erin has needed a change. This mat stops the need to find somewhere to change her. Now we can do it wherever we are and not worry about the cleanliness of the area!

Disclaimer: We received this product for the purpose of this post. All opinions are our own.


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