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Creating A Children’s Play Room In The Garden

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John and I are very lucky that we were able to buy a house with a pretty big garden. Now, it’s not massive but it is probably bigger than average I’d say. When we moved it it was a mess. There was a pond, a sunken patio, hundreds of plants only in very shallow and hard soil, as well as a massive garden outbuilding that was removed before we moved in!

It took 4 skips and a massive redesign for the garden to look how it does today. However, it is far from finished. The back of the garden hasn’t been touched as it is currently home to a rotten, full of holes shed. I hate the shed and I am desperate to replace it with something amazing.

I’m sure I am with a lot of parents on this but messy play inside the house makes me want to cry. Luckily, we haven’t decorated the living room/ dining room yet so if the walls get a bit messy it’s not the biggest deal so far. However, I don’t want paint, or food, or glitter thrown up the walls every week.

While extra space in the house would be one idea, something I prefer the sound of is a play room in the garden. How amazing would it be to have a whole building dedicated to the children, a lovely safe place for them to play? I can imagine that I would line a whole wall with Ikea storage and have so many different arts and crafts items to choose from!

There is a great range of outbuildings from Lidget Compton and any of these would suit us well. I love the idea of having a side door as well as a large opening garage door. Sometimes I want to be out with Erin, enjoying the nice weather without being directly in the sun and the heat. Having a play building in the garden would enable us to do loads more during the summer.

Can you imagine the possibilities of having a play room in the garden?


Creating A Children's Play Room In The Garden




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