Bidvine: Finding Local Service Professionals

Being a homeowner and a parent means that there is always something that need doing, whether that be a room decorating, something plumbing in or photos needing to be taken! Up until recently, I wouldn’t have even known where to start when looking for someone to do something like this. Luckily, Bidvine offer a fantastic service of finding people for you!

Something I love about Bidvine is how detailed thing are when you’re putting in your request. When I searched for a photographer, I got loads of different options; baby, headshot, wedding, engagement, pet photography etc. You also then get to say whether the shoot needs to be indoors, outdoors or in a studio. You can choose what kind of products you want and state your budget. I really feel as though all options have been thought of and are taken into account before your request goes off!

Once you send off your request you then sit back and wait for your responses! You can expect for these to come in anywhere between 12 hours and 4 days!

For me, Bidvine takes out a lot of the stress of finding someone to do the jobs you need doing! It also gives you the opportunity to pick and choose who you would like to do the specified job based on their responses. It also means not having multiple strangers in your house to come and give you quotes!

As a busy parent, I don’t have time to do everything myself and I know I’ll be using Bidvine to help me find people to do loads of jobs I either can’t do myself or just don’t want to do myself!

You don’t have to commit to any responses to your request if you don’t feel they’re the right fit for you. Give it a go and see if you can find someone to do one of the jobs you put off in 2016 and get it finished this year!

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post. All opinions are our own. 

14 thoughts on “Bidvine: Finding Local Service Professionals”

  1. This is a great service, I like the fact you can put in your details and get quotes coming to you. It’s like an aggregator but for life not insurance.

  2. Great idea. We are in the midst of DIY at the moment and it would be great to get someone in to do some of it….. shame we can’t really afford it!

  3. What a seriously useful website. I hate that when we were looking for a simply gardener to do odd bits like the lawn and taking care of flowers, it kept bringing up once who would dig up my entire garden on Google. This would have been very handy!!

    Fab post, Emily xxx

  4. I have to say, I have not heard of this before, but what a great idea. I definitely need to check it out!

  5. It’s a lovely idea, but if we need to hire anyone we use the local advertiser. That way we know they are all checked and trustworthy.

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