Family Goals

2017 Family Goals

Last week I posted about my goals for the blog in 2017. Today I’m talking about my family goals. I think that there is a lot I would like us to achieve this year so this list will be quite varied.

Family days out – We didn’t do nearly enough of this in 2016. Funds are always quite tight seeing as I only work part time now so we have to be quite careful. John also works a lot of 6 day weeks so sometimes we only get a Sunday together. Even if it’s a walk to the local park, that will do for me!

Sell, sell, sell – I have been selling on my local Facebook sites for quite some time now. (I have a post coming up about this) Sometimes I do okay and other times are pretty awful and I can’t shift anything. I have a spare bedroom full of Erin’s old clothes and other bits and pieces that I need to get rid of. We’re not having any more children so there’s no need to keep much.

Donate to charity – This one really ties in with the previous goal. Sometimes, some items don’t sell no matter how much you try. I have a box of stuff that has been sat there for months. I am going to give things like this one more chance and if I can’t sell them, I’ll donate them!

House and home – We haven’t been able to do much to the house in the last year as we were busy with Erin! This year I would love to get a couple of things done. We have a big list of things that need doing and something from this list would be great:

Central heating

New front door

Fix guttering above the front door

Get blinds put up in Erin’s bedroom and spare bedroom – Our windows are stupid sizes so normal shop bought blinds don’t fit. I’m too scared to cut one down myself.

Shelves in Erin’s bedroom and living room – One alcove in her room is wasted space right now but we need custom made shelves due to the size

Paint the living room – I used to smoke and a muddy dog does not do anything for white walls! We need the room freshening up!

Fix coving in living room – this fell down months ago and we have a big hole in the ceiling now!

Home office – I desperately need some office space so this is high up on my list. A desk is a must!

Holiday – I have put my holiday requests in at work for the year March ’17 to March ’18 (that’s when our year runs). As soon as they are confirmed, which should be soon, I want to book us a family holiday. Our first family holiday. We’re not going far, only to Center Parcs but we’ve never been before and don’t want to go abroad yet. It will also be a getaway for our 4th anniversary in September.

London trips – My sister and her boyfriend live in London, as does John’s Dad’s family. We don’t get to go nearly enough because of the days I work and the cost more than anything. This year though we have at least 2 trips planned and both for a couple of days. Again, I need to wait for confirmation of my holiday dates and work and then we can get the first trip in April all booked!

I feel like this is actually quite a lot to achieve this year. I know we won’t get everything done but I really want to try to do as much as possible. Do you have any personal goals?

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  1. I love setting some goals for the year! I’m the same – family days out comes at the top of my list, especially as we won’t be having a holiday abroad this year, just a short break in the UK in September. One my my big goals for this year is to start decluttering and clearing space – we are really short on storage and space is always at a premium! Best of luck with achieving these!

  2. These are really good. I think we all get caught up in writing blogging or work goals and forget about making family goals. You’ve inspired me to do this x

  3. Sounds like this could be my list! I use buy and sell sites a lot too, especially in the lead up to Christmas or birthdays. I have a “sell” pile and when I’m feeling motivated I blitz it in one go. I’m always surprised by how quickly stuff sells and I think why didn’t I do it sooner?? Definitely need more family days out too. x

  4. Lovely goals, looking forward to your post about selling on Facebook groups, I’ve always been tempted but super apprehensive!

    Kirsty x

  5. What a fab list of goals, I hope you get everything ticked off! We have a family holiday on our list of things to do in 2017, we had our first one in April 2016 and we love it (we went to Wales) I can’t wait to go on our next holiday!

  6. I’ve started selling lots of our things on Facebook and eBay, which has actually paid for half of a holiday of a lifetime. It’s great that you are aiming to get more involved in charity this year. The smallest things can make a huge difference to someone somewhere. Good luck for 2017!

  7. Lovely goals, I hope you manage to achieve them all. I haven’t actually sat down and thought about my goals for the family yet but I need to soon! x

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