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Blog Goals: 6 Months In

Roughly 6 months ago I decided to set myself some goals; both blog goals and family goals. It is the first time I have ever done this but seeing as I registered as self-employed last year, I figured I should pay a bit more attention to how things are going. We’re now at the end of June so I thought I’d write a bit of an update to show how we’re doing.

blog goals

Schedule in advance

While I don’t always get this done to be as ahead as I’d like, I’m doing pretty well. I’m always at least 2 days ahead of myself with blog posts but then something happens and I fall behind again. I’d love to try to get to a point by the end of the year where I’m always a week ahead of myself.

Social Media

I really wanted to spend some time trying to grow my social media accounts this year and I have definitely done that. When I set my goals I didn’t actually think I would hit any of them, let alone all of them. I actually can’t believe that I have achieved my social media goals at only 6 months in.


Beginning of year – 269

Goal – 500

Now – 1560 (Goal SMASHED)


Beginning of year – 2117

Goal – 2700

Now – 2864 (Goal REACHED)


Beginning of year – 960

Goal – 1300

Now – 1540 (Goal REACHED and a bit extra)



I’m still not doing quite as well as I would have liked with giveaways. My biggest problem is forgetting to ask. I know that I should ask every time I do a review or work with a brand but it just slips my mind. MUST DO BETTER!

Interact more often

I’m doing so much better at interacting. I am remembering to reply to blog comments every couple of days and I try to make sure I reply to all Facebook and Instagram comments on the same day. I’m going to devise an every day plan of things I need to get done and schedule in some time for these things.


I started the year with a DA of 27, which I was super happy about. I really wanted to hit 30 this year but I’ve managed to get myself up to DA33.


Unfortunately, I haven’t hit this goal. I started out just being out of the top 500. I wanted to hit the top 500 and work towards top 400. I’m actually pretty much exactly where I was when I set the goal. At least I haven’t gotten much worse!

Did you set yourself blog goals this year? I’m really happy with how I’m doing and there is still 6 months left! 


20 thoughts on “Blog Goals: 6 Months In”

  1. You are managing a great list of goals. It seems hard to achieve, but you’ve achieved it. It is an inspiration to new bloggers. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. Well done on reaching – or even smashing – so many of your blog goals! I need to get better too at being ahead of myself in scheduling.

  3. Seems like you are doing really well. I’d like to set some goals for myself but I’m not sure I’d be able to achieve them so don’t want to be disappointed x

  4. I have decided to start making blog goals each month and then some longer term ones for 1 year in. This month I have done ok with social media goals but not page views 🙁

  5. I have been blogging 6 years and my goal is to schedule one day!! You are doing great with your follow goals, well done for setting them and reaching them 🙂

  6. Perhaps set 3 monthly goals instead of monthly then you will really see the progress you are making

  7. You set yourself some great goals, and it’s great to see you smashing some of your targets at only six months! It’s so nice to see progress isn’t it? Really helps to keep you going.

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